E Quant in Geneva Technology from space

Technology from space

An electric sports cars with up to 928 hp, 380 km / h and in 2.8 seconds to 100? Sounds like the future, but is available as a vehicle at the Geneva show. And no, it's not a Tesla or Porsche.

The name says it all, at least from the perspective of its developers. From the sports sedan Quant e, which is parked at the Geneva Motor Show next to the state of the electric pioneer Tesla, the head of development Nunzio La Vecchia promises nothing less than a "quantum leap in electric mobility". Visually, the vehicle already generated a lot of her. The four-seater sports saloon has double doors that extend over almost the entire width of the car.

Thanks to the solution of La Vecchias company Nano Flow Cell storage technology of quantum e achieved according to official figures, a pure electric range of around 600 kilometers. The system uses as a basis the already developed in the seventies by NASA flowcell principle, however, that stands out in the current version through improved energy density of the development at that time. Up to now the technology was however be too bulky to be installed in an automobile. The first plants therefore now working in steady state operation to store solar energy or wind energy and feed it into the grid as needed .   As a cell, the flow cell is a kind of hybrid of battery and fuel cell dar. In it a running " cold combustion " from where the reduction and oxidation processes take place in parallel, so that one speaks also of a redox battery. The electrolyte liquid, in most cases metal salts in an aqueous solution, is pumped from this tank through out of the cell. The larger the tank, the greater the amount of energy available. In quantum e is the total capacity is 400 liters.

Developed by Nano Flow Cell Flow Cell is to have distinct advantages over the energy storage devices currently in use. For loading or unloading two different electrolytic fluids are pumped by that each compartment of the cell in which the electrode (anode or cathode ) of said cell. A central membrane separates the two electrolyte spaces. Thus, there is order in the two chambers, and there is no mixture of high-and low-grade fluid, that would ultimately worthless for the electric drive.

© NanoflowcellDie four-seater sports saloon has double doors that extend over almost the entire width of the car.   The least 2.3 tons vast e Quant is powered by four electric motors and speeds according to the manufacturer's instructions in 2.8 seconds from zero to 100 km / h The top speed is said to be 380 km / h. Maximum of 680 kW/925 hp drive mobilized - as a continuous power is 480 kW/653 hp Nano Flow Cell to .   Compared to lithium-ion battery technology in the quantum e should enable a fivefold greater range, which it owes the electrolyte liquid newly developed. Thanks to the carrier within the carrier liquid was de charge density - and thereby the amount of stored energy - increased significantly. The charge movement within the cell succeeds now with almost no losses. The internal efficiency is more than 80 percent.

When quantum e the flow cell promotes the electrical energy to a central repository, which consists of two large super-Cap capacitors. This capacitor units take electrical energy to lossless and set them as needed impulsively released - one for the driving performance of a sports sedan highly welcome feature. In addition, a control unit, which controls the powertrain, including branching the charging and driving currents. When braking or driving downhill, the four drive motors for the generator to charge the supercapacitors with energy. The system dispensed with precious metals and rare earths. The essential elements of the cell consist of water as a carrier liquid, metal salts and crystalline structures that can be used all together environmentally-friendly and then disposed of.

Nano Flow Cell provides his technique not for the first time in Geneva and also the quantum e will not roll on the road tomorrow. To promote the homologation of the vehicle, the company has entered into an association with Bosch Engineering. Together with the German supplier is to be pursued in the coming years the development and homologation of the sports sedan.