Dutch carbon - gun

Lelystad (Netherlands ), 22 April 2015

For over 35 years building the Dutch sports car maker Donkervoort purist roadster. At the beginning of the Spartan-equipped vehicles based on the Lotus Seven. Today, only the appearance of the Donkervoorts to the British Roadster Classic model that was manufactured from 1957 to 1972. Since 2013, the Dutch produce with the D8 GTO, the now 13 model in the company's history. Now the vehicle family has to D8 GTO coming in the form of a special model: the D8 GTO Bare Naked Carbon Edition.

Carbon skin

About the only 54-kilogram steel tube chassis, which is welded by Donkervoort hand, already sits at normal D8 GTO a body that is 90 percent of carbon fiber. Thus, new owner of the vehicle had previously been the ability to perform certain components of the body in carbon fiber. The outer covering of the Special Edition but is now held in this appearance of the nose up to the diffuser.

Carbon interior

Inside the carbon fiber look at the seats, door panels, window ledges, the valves or the door sill trims will continue. Even the Z├╝ndschlossblende, the belt and stabilizers covers and headlight housings are made from the material. The Bare Naked Carbon Edition has not only optical reasons, because the special UV coating layer saving compared to a conventional paint a few kilograms of weight.

Specifications and prices

Even a standard D8 GTO is a true lightweight with about 730 kilograms. Orders to the performance rather than the Touring variant, the curb weight is even only about 695 kg. Not much mass for the 2.5 - liter five-cylinder petrol engine from Audi. The unit can be ordered with an output of 340 and 380 hp. So sprints the driving machine without ABS, ESP and airbags in 3.3 (340 hp ) respectively 2.8 seconds ( 380 hp ) to 100 km deadline is at over 250 km / h. The weaker version called Donkervoort D8 GTO Touring starts at 150,146 Euros, the lighter and stronger performance variant will cost at least 160,308 euros. What is the charge for the new Bare Naked Carbon Edition is not yet known. (ml)