Driving Report: Ferrari California T Bubbles is better than sucking

Bubbles is better than sucking

Ferrari breaks with the turbo taboo and takes part in downsizing: As the first model in the new millennium of California is therefore now with a supercharged eight-cylinder engine. In theory, the new engine will be more economical especially. But in practice it has other qualities.

Hardcore Ferraristi must be quite strong now. Because the brand from Maranello breaks again with a taboo: After the Italians have already introduced the all-wheel drive in FF, now comes in a refreshed California the turbo. " We must move with the times and can not close ourselves to the downsizing longer," says marketing director Nicola Boari when he had to apologize for the new engine in the luxury performance athletes.

But it really can be no question. For the 4.3-shrunk to 3.9 liter V8 engine is significantly better than the high-revving sucker not only on paper. No wonder the power of 490 increases to 560 hp and maximum torque makes a huge jump from 505 to 755 Nm, while fuel consumption is reduced by at least 15 percent to 10.5 liters presentable. Also in practice are worlds between the two engines: the turbocharged speaks similar to spontaneous as the sucker, beats the least nearly 1.8 ton two-seater now but with a vehemence forward, as they rather from a super sports car as a potent Gran would Turismo expected with a good dose of residual comfort.

Yes, you can continue with the California relaxed cruising a gently curving coastal road and has it thanks to a new, higher gear for the seventh gear even more peace of mind and greater reach. And no, it is the 458 Italia in the future can not follow because of who is at least as easy Speciale even sharper and even more especially noticeably lighter and therefore more manageable. But when the hair is sitting and one of oat stands, the horses can now be as fast trot until a smooth pass: From 0 to 100 in 3.6 instead of the previous 3.8 seconds and in 11.2 seconds to 200 km / h and then blithely to 316 km / h to the lightning quick gear changes and a slightly lower center of gravity through the further down gerückten engine - as the air is also on the fast track already pretty thin and on the highway, the curve can result even not be long enough.

© FerrariDer shrunk from 4.3 to 3.9 liter V8 engine is significantly better than the high-revving sucker not only on paper .   Not only from a turbo lag is nothing to feel. You do not have to miss out on the fascinating soundscape that conjures a thicker one with goosebumps every rev on the eardrum. The very high, screeching tones has well stored and taken for deeper bass into the program of the California. But still submit a racing start, two, three gear change, an intermediate sprint and 500 meters on a winding country road, you want to know anything more of the music system and prefer to hear the great Italian opera from the four tailpipes. "It is, after all, not least the sound of a Ferrari makes ," confirms engine developers Vittorio Dini and long hours can tell by the constructive artifices which have made the turbo for sound artists, engineers.

The customers will be pleased. And who wants to know the details, you can follow the work of the supercharger even on a witty display between the air vents, which one controls how one outdoor clock with a tap on the chrome rim. But the controllers are Signore Dini curse. " We did not think that it is so complicated and so expensive to develop a turbo being a Ferrari needs," the engineer said regarding the extremely expensive loader, for example, a long, made of three parts manifolds with identical requires exhaust channels. Against this background, it is almost modest, that the price for the California climbs behind the name with the T by a mere 3,000 euros and the future starts at EUR 183 499.

However, the Italians have it saved elsewhere and kept good back in the facelift. While all plates have been modified except for the retractable hardtop and re-modeled so that the California T looks a little slimmer and firmer still crouching on the street. And new software for the suspension, steering, transmission and control systems, there are also. However, the navigation systems even after the change of supplier at best moderate, the top forces the Ferrari driver in the future, almost 20 seconds in the stop and the list of assistance systems is dangerously short for a car that will be actually moving in everyday life and there on competitors like a BMW M6 Convertible, a Mercedes SL 63 AMG or a Porsche 911 Turbo hits.

© Ferrariman must not do without the gooseflesh conjures a thicker one with each gas shock on the eardrum to the fascinating soundscape .   Nevertheless, the team to engine developers Dini can be proud rightly at first Ferrari Turbo modern times and must in no way worry about the bounce of Cavallo Rampante. But the Italians have not in vain selected to California for the taboo: He is indeed with over 10,000 registrations in five years, the most successful individual model of the brand, but has the least tradition-conscious and this compromise most customers, grants marketing man Nicola Boari a: " 70 percent of California buyers ultimately come from other brands and have never previously owned a Ferrari ."

Specifications - Ferrari California T :   2 +0 seat convertible with a retractable hardtop luxury-class Length: 4.57 meters Width: 1.91 meters Height: 1.32 meters Wheelbase: 2.67 meters Boot capacity: 240 - 340 liters   3.9 liter V8 turbocharged direct injection petrol engine, seven-speed dual clutch, 412 kW/560 hp, max. Torque 755 Nm at 4 750 r / min, Vmax 316 km / h, zero to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, average fuel consumption of 10.5 litres/100 km, CO2 emissions 250 g / km, Price from 183 499 euros   Brief description - Ferrari California T   Alternative to Mercedes SL 63 AMG, Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible, BMW M6 Convertible, Bentley Continental GTC and Aston Martin Vanquish Volante   Goes well with: sun worshipers with a large budget and a heavy foot on the accelerator   When he comes: after the summer holidays   Looks good: on a country road in Tuscany, on the coasts of all oceans and in the banking district of Frankfurt, London or Manhattan   What is to come:-