Drive real car after only 16

Dösingen, August 4, 2015

Young people in the country know the problem: In order to reach school, training center or disco, you can ride the bus, ( sometimes ) use the Mummy taxi or move to a two-wheeler. But the latter is not particularly fun, and even dangerous in winter. Now comes a solution from the Allgäu region, with one quite legally from the age of 16 can be on the road in the adult small car.

Ibiza, Fabia or Polo become Ellenator

Condition is the license category A1. The permitted from 16 years a light motorcycle up to 125 cc and maximum are allowed to drive 15 HP. But also permits are also tricycles with more than 50 cubic centimeters and more than 45 km / h top speed. This regulation makes Wenzel Ellenrieder, operator of the eponymous car dealership in the Allgäu, clever advantage: He builds normal small cars like the Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia and VW Polo to the " Ellenator ". The must then 1b, 3 and B to the said class or classes A1 ?? if purchased before 19 January 2013 ?? be driven.

Two wheels are considered as a

The conversion is tricky: In order to be transformed to Ellenator, get two-to four-year-old used cars with a newly designed rear axle missed. At its two 14 - inch wheels are fitted with 165er tires. Since the track width, as measured from the tire center to tire center, less than 465 millimeters, the Ellenator is officially classified as tricycles. Both wheels shall namely so as a wheel. At the front 14-inch model will by default also mounted, but it can be ordered also 17-inch model.

20 hp and 90 km / h

Since the power must not exceed 20 hp, the power of the 1.0-or 1.2-liter gasoline engines is electronically throttled. The power is transmitted through a five-speed manual gearbox to the front wheels. As maximum torque provide the constricted engines brought 60 Nm at 3,275 trips, the consumption should be at 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers. And: The Ellenator is after all highway grade 90 km / h fast.

Conversion from 5,500 euros

At the features of the basic model is not changed. This means that not only comfort features such as air conditioning continue to be on board, but also the entire safety program, including ABS, ESP and airbags. Depending on the model, equipment, engine size, mileage and year of manufacture of the basic model, there is the Ellenator the dealership Ellenrieder from 10,490 euros. The price five-year warranty on the remodeling and anti-perforation are included. Who already brings a car, can leave the car, including TÜV approval for about 5,500 euros transform within three days . ( hd )