Double one-liter car with hybrid drive

Frankfurt / Paris, 30 September 2014

Funded by the French government, Renault has placed in recent years on the fully electric drive. Vehicles like the Twizy, Zoe or the Kangoo ZE should like to make emission-free mobility. A Renner are the electric cars but so far not. Now Renault focused on hybrid vehicles, " ZE hybrid " models are intended to supplement models in the coming years, the supply of pure electric " ZE ". The first makes the study Eolab, the ( 4 to 19 October 2014) debuted at the Paris Motor Show. The small car concept to make do with only a liter of Super per 100 kilometers, or 22 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Made possible by a new hybrid drive, combined with lightweight and sophisticated aerodynamics.

Up to 60 kilometers purely electrically

Key elements of the drive is a 78-hp three-cylinder petrol engine with 1.0 liter displacement and 95 Nm of torque and an electric motor with 40 kW or 54 hp and 200 Newton meters. The electric motor gets its power from a lithium-ion battery that can store 6.7 kilowatt hours. The current memory allows up to 60 kilometers purely electric driving, top speed in electric mode is 120 km / h. A special feature is the three-speed gearbox, which takes over the power transmission. Gear changes are automatic, but it is neither a CVT or a dual-clutch transmission. The transmission works without coupling ?? According to Renault which is possible through a special control unit. Driving the first two stages are coupled to the electric motor, the third stage of the combustion engine. You can choose between long and short haul mode before riding. For long distance rides gasoline engine and electric motor work together, however, the combustion engine switches on short journeys only add from 120 km / h.

400 pounds lighter than a Clio

A major contribution to the high efficiency of the Eolab makes its low weight of only 955 pounds. Compared to a Renault Clio, the study is thus 400 kilos lighter ?? and despite the approximately 145-pound hybrid system. Only the body of the Eolab weighs 130 pounds less than the Clio. Highlights include the only 4.5-pound magnesium roof, other parts are made of high strength steel or aluminum. And the glass plate is thinner than in the series, and the rear window is made of plastic ?? both saves weight. Nevertheless Renault promises contemporary acoustic comfort.

sophisticated aerodynamics

Also on the aerodynamics Renault has filed. The total air resistance ?? which results in the multiplication of drag coefficient and frontal area ?? located at 0.47 about 30 percent below the Clio. Result: At 130 km / h speed, the consumption by 1.2 liters per 100 kilometers reduced. To reduce the air resistance of the Eolab has, among other things, an air suspension that lowers the car from 70 km / h around two and a half centimeters. Moreover, then take a spoiler and additional air guide elements behind the rear wheels to prevent turbulence. The rims are open in the state. However, when driving a mechanism includes the wheels and so reduces the aerodynamic resistance. When the brakes be too hot, the rim open again. Only 15 inches wide, rollwiderstandsoptmierte tires complete the aerodynamic package.

Production-ready by 2024?

For the interior Renault has come up a lot, including a rotating display for the center console or various screens that help save energy. Overall, according to the manufacturer put almost 100 actionable and affordable innovations in the study, which are keeping step by step entry into the series. The goal: a technically similar series vehicle for broad consumer segments in the next ten years . ( sl )