Done in the making and not sure

Bowling Green ( USA ), June 11, 2015

It was one of the largest mass crash in a museum and involved in the disaster were only vehicles of the type Chevrolet Corvette: The worst-case scenario for all fans of Ur - American sports car occurred on the morning of February 12 2014 as the base in the " National Corvette Museum " in the US state of Kentucky gave way. It left me with 14 meters wide, 18 meters long and nine meters deep hole that swallowed eight vehicles.

the Affected

This affected a Corvette ZR - 1 Spyder from 1993 and the ZR1 " Blue Devil " prototype in 2009, both on loan from GM. There were six cars from the collection of the museum itself. It was a 1962 Corvette model, the " PPG Pace Car " from 1984, the millionth Corvette from 1992, an anniversary edition in 1993, the " Mallett Hammer " -Z06 2001 and the 1.5 millionth Corvette from 2009. the latter two cars could only be recovered approximately two months after the landslide. They were hardly yet to be identified as a Corvette.

Three or only two?

Shortly after the disaster, GM was already known that three vehicles are to be restored: the ZR1 prototype, the millionth Corvette and the 1962 model. Since the ZR1 prototype in 2009 was almost intact recovered from the hole, took the production to its original state only until the fall of 2014. Now the crew ( usually these Sirs build prototypes and concept cars ) begun by the GM Design Center, the white million Corvette from 1992 to renovate. In September 2015, will be finished. Whether it's really worth to revive the very battered cars from 1962, the Corvette Museum will then be clarified.

Even scrap makes checkout

The remaining five cars have only scrap value. They were given a special place in the museum, to commemorate the disaster. Curiously, the Edelschrott for the museum was worth even: In the months after the hole, the number of visitors rose by 60 percent . (ml)