Do you know these Skoda?

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 5 December 2016

The automotive history writes sometimes extraordinary stories. About this one: an off-road vehicle of Czech brand, built in and for New Zealand. His name: Trekka. He is not only the rarest, but also the least well-known Skoda models. Now, the angular off-roader is 50 years old.

A Czech overseas

It all starts in 1956: at Otahuhu near Auckland, the company "Motor Industries International" acts as a Skoda importer for New Zealand. For tax reasons, the CKD Kit cars are supplied and only assembled locally. Among them is also then Octavia, whose chassis grounds suitable for looking at overseas as a right. in 1965 the development of Skoda Trekka begins as robust everyday car for New Zealand farmers, craftsmen and trade representatives. Also several dozen local companies are involved in addition to the factory in Mladá Boleslav. 1966, so 50 years ago, is the starting point for the production.

Plain sight

Also extremely functional design of the Trekka is a Czech-born New Zealand cooperation. Simple body panels that simply to be repaired are thanks to the plain form are at the Center. Among them is the chassis of the Skoda Octavia and stiff Central tube frame and suspension. The wheelbase is shortened by 2.39 metres at 2.16 meters, plus a different axle ratio and a ground clearance of 19 cm. However, there is not a four-wheel drive system, after all, a limited slip differential improved the rear-wheel drive on demand.

Small but diverse

Engine is a 1.2 liter four-cylinder with 47 Horsepower under the hood. It offers 87 Newton metres of torque at 3,000 rpm. The Trekka is not too fast so that, at 105 to 110 km/h, the end of the flagpole is reached. As a selling point, then low consumption is touted by "only" eleven liters per hundred kilometers. From 1966 to 1972 were good 3,000 vehicles of 3.59 m of short Trekka, which payload lies between 450 and 500 kg. At the time big variety is surprising: a three-door pickup with up to eight seats, a roof, a fixed plastic roof, a "station wagon" and a beach version are available at that time. The Trekka was even exported to Australia, Fiji, Samoa, and Viet Nam. (rh)