Digital GTI 2.5 kilograms per hp

Wolfsburg, 14 April 2015

VW GTI expanded the fleet to the VW GTI Super Sport Vision Gran Turismo and lets the two-seater coupe on the track. More specifically, the current 37 digital slopes of racing games classic Gran Turismo 6. This is the coupe after last year's Roadster another GTI version in the virtual starting field of the Playstation game.

Trimmed to racing

Although the basic shape of the body is reminiscent of the real GTI ancestors, but each pore of the new family member is trimmed to racing. The beefy front end of the aerodynamically optimized exterior skin is characterized by vertical light modules and large air intakes in the honeycomb structure. While the broad shoulders at the rear of the vehicle to ensure ventilation of the brakes, press the striking roof spoiler and diffuser supercars on the road. Numerous carbon elements also make a lightweight from the digital sports cars. The result is a curb weight of 1,258 kilograms or even 2.5 kilograms per hp.

Virtual driving data

Second variables giver of power to weight ratio is the engine: Under the hood of the GTI Supersport slumbers a 503 hp six-cylinder. The turbo petrol engine builds up to 665 Newton meters at maximum torque. Connected to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission catapulted the aggregate bits - and - bytes racers in 3.6 seconds to 100 km / h. At full throttle is only at over 300 km / h Concluding be. The power thus reaches using a four-wheel drive and 20-inch alloy wheels on the virtual pavement.

Only digital, then real

Players of Gran Turismo 6 is the new Wolfsburg now available for download in the digital pit lane available. But friends of the real automobile can be interesting: As the flat and red roadster 2014 VW even in 2015, a true one-to-one version of the GT-heroes on the GTI Meet at Wörthersee ( May 13 to 16 2015) present . (ml)