Diesel-Summit: The Reactions

Berlin, 3. August 2017

Breakthrough or damp squib? The results of the Diesel-summit, find manufacturers, parties and automobile associations with a divided response. We show the different reactions.

Warranty on Software Updates?

A key outcome of the summit Software Updates for a total of 5.3 million Diesel passenger Cars, the emission classes Euro 5 and Euro 6. According to the Federal government, the manufacturer must apply to the customer, the warranty on the components that are claimed through the measure. For all the problems arising in this connection we would like to set up at the Federal motor transport authority has a consumer Advisory Council. In addition, the German manufacturer is to submit to October 2017, with a concept to the new RDE-requirements on real emissions much earlier. RDE stands for "Real Driving Emissions", the exhaust gas measurement is, therefore, adapted-to-life driving circumstances.

Only a half-hearted solution

But the points Software and warranty for criticism. Federal environment Minister Barbara Hendricks sings the praises of the Software Updates as a "quick measure", the "contributions" for emission reduction. Necessary technical modifications are, however, in order to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution is clear. Similarly, it also sees the automotive club, the ADAC, and is demanding binding guarantees of 24 months, the manufacturer from the customer is also enforceable. By the Software-decision, the policy was folded but prior to the economic interests of the industry. Where it is technically feasible and financially appropriate, manufacturers should be obliged to a Hardware upgrade. Only in this way could the emissions are significantly reduced.

The Diesel before the end of

The second largest German automobile club ACE criticised the "continued reluctance" of the Federal government, as well as "the total Ignoring of the interests of consumers". ACE-Chairman Stefan Secretly: "The result of this Diesel-summit is shockingly weak. It dishes will convince you of the refrain is forbidden." Even more of the ecologically-oriented "verkehrsclub Deutschland" (VCD). A Software Update for Diesel Cars would reduce the pollution load in the cities to a maximum of ten percent. The summit results were also extremely short-sighted. VCD Board Wasilis von Rauch sees the end of the Diesels in the middle: "A Software Update to prolong the death struggle of the Diesel, but it changes nothing on the end of a technology of the 19th century. Century."

Motorists as hostages?

The political Opposition uses the Diesel-summit for sharp criticism. Green-boss Cem Özdemir sees a collusion between industry and government: "Now for a long cuddle to avenge the exchange rate for the year between the auto industry and the Federal government. Today's result is much too little! Federal transport Minister Dobrindt, the courage, the manufacturer put to effective Hardware retrofits to be missing.", as Özdemir. The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner of the results, not impressed. Many things remained unanswered, "to speak of a summit of honor for this event is too much". Following the election of a new Federal government had to push for things like Autonomous Driving, the promotion of electric mobility, and synthetic fuels for internal combustion engines. The Left sees the summit as a "Farce". Car buyers, Employees and the environment "of the Merkel government hostage to the profits of the car companies," Left-boss Bernd Riexinger. Riexinger: "millions of motorists and car drivers to get, once again, that the fraud is treated like a peccadillo". All other sounds come from the AfD top candidate Alice rye: "The campaign against the diesel engine engages mainly in the export-strong German automotive industry. It is one of the lobbyists in Brussels and Berlin, initiated a witch-hunt, which especially harms the economic location of Germany. The hysterical and undifferentiated action of the German government politicians is understandable," says rye.

Only a smear campaign?

But there is also positive sentiment on the judgments of the Diesel summit. The "Central Association of German motor vehicle industry" (ZDK), the most important result is the prevention of Diesel-driving bans. According to an Association spokesman, the reasonable hope, that "with increasing hysteria led smear campaign is withdrawn against the Diesel, the breeding ground was now". Satisfied also Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche: "We aim to improve the Diesel, instead of banning him." Already two weeks ago, it was decided the expansion of "service measures". With them you will reduce the NOx emissions of more than three million Mercedes-Cars, of which one Million on German roads by an average of 25 to 30 percent. Point costs for the company: approximately € 220 million.

New confidence through rewards?

Similar to BMW, Mercedes is also introducing a "scrappage scheme" for older Diesel. Owners of vehicles with Euro 4 standard to, depending on the model, a four-digit environment bonus, if you decide by the end of 2017 for a new Mercedes. Industry expert Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel doubted, however, whether the agreed measures can convince the customer to buy a diesel.(rh)