Design of study: Foreign custody macho, interior Japanese

Detroit, 16. January 2018

The study XMotion shows at the NAIAS in 2018 (15. to 28. January in Detroit), where the Nissan could go Design. The 4,59 meters long and 1.70 meters high SUV should be pronounced according to the manufacturer's Cross-Motion.

Interior with a lot of Japan references

The vehicle offers a six-occupant space in three rows and has counter-opening doors. The interior is decorated in the Japanese national colours Red and White. Otherwise, there are numerous references to Japan and its craftsmanship. In the Cockpit you can see on a white dashboard, which rests on a wooden frame. Also made of light wood in the center console, which runs inside the longitudinal through the whole of the vehicle is carved. On the dashboard Display takes up the entire cockpit width. The vehicle is semi-Autonomous driving, but there is a vehicle tax. It has more in common with the control horn of a flight, however, has a tool-than with a steering Wheel. To drive Nissan keeps himself completely covered.

Huge black Grill

The vehicle is to show a new Design. This is very edgy and arg macho. The brand-typical V-shape on the Grill approach, albeit in a completely different Form than the current vehicles such as the new Leaf – especially the chrome bracket is missing. Instead, the XMotion has openings for a huge Grill with a gloss black cross grille and large air side thereof. The same Think-big Approach to the large 21-inch wheels, while the headlights as a delicate U-shaped figures (or as Nissan, in a boomerang shape).(sl)