DB9 on riot

Bradford (United Kingdom), 8 April 2016

The English noble finishers Kahn design shows at the luxury show of top Marques Monaco (14 to 17 April 2016) so far dedicated, and most work to be the vengeance. Commonly known design for very wide or sometimes six-wheeled Land Rover conversions Kahn, with the vengeance fulfilled CEO Afzal Kahn now his personal dream a car, that "on the glory days of the British body building retreats back."

Understatement Adé

How easily can be seen, the hand made Kahn Coupé is based on the Aston Martin DB9. The inspiration comes according to Kahn of the Aston Martin designs the 80s and 90s. The complete mechanism is also applied including the 5.9-liter V12 with 517 PS of the DB9. For that, Kahn skin worked properly on the plaster. As befits a car, the 'retaliation' means that shows a scary wide and large barbecue and powerful fender flares of the vengeance. The rear end has been completely redesigned and now greets with round tail lights, which are strongly reminiscent of Italian design. The rims look like roulette wheels. They are with 225, rear with huge 335er tire related. The cool DB9 understatement is largely history. For Kahn, sure no problem.

Solid investment

"After a successful premiere at the Geneva Auto show, I am delighted to be able to bring the vengeance for a such prestigious event after Monaco," says Afzal Kahn. Further, the carmaker assumes that the vengeance has good chances to prove himself as a solid investment. Finally, the prices for handmade sports cars would climb steadily. Also, we assume that he has a very good price / performance ratio for a limited edition, hand-made car. At the price themselves, there is no evidence. A model of vengeance will be seen on Kahn's stand, another waiting halls before the trials. If you so spontaneously get pleasure on a reasonable investment... (black & white)