Danish Hyper car in Geneva

Præstø (Denmark), March 2, 2016

The Danish small volume manufacturers Zenvo shows the successor of the strictly limited ST1 in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show (March 3 to 13). The new vehicle goes by the name of TS1 and is an evolution of its predecessor.

Over 1,100 HP

In addition to a lower center of gravity, a new 5.9 liter supercharged V8 with flat plane crankshaft and intake manifolds made of carbon also ensures a top speed of electronically-controlled 375 km/h. The 1,104 HP and 1,050 Newton metres of torque are sent by a seven-speed transmission to the rear axle, which is optionally equipped with an automatic mode or a so-called "dog box". The latter version is the fastest transmission in the world, coming out with a clutch.

Only slight design adjustments

In design, the Danes still of the ST1 are done, so that outwardly little had to change. Only the aerodynamics areas on the front and rear have been revised. Also, a new exhaust system was bought the TS1, which rises from a new rear apron.

Fresh idea in the cockpit

The Interior, Zenvo is trying something new time and sets off the driver's side in a contrasting colour to the remaining cockpit. Otherwise, it is typical of Hypercar inside: much carbon, Alcantara and leather. In the Zenvo TSR shown also in Geneva it is clearly spartanischer. The concept of race car comes with a roll cage, bucket seats and harness straps. (mf)