Daimler ceo close cooperation Tesla is not from

Ceo Dieter Zetsche is not long at Daimler-throne, but just before his departure, yet still noteworthy news with a Polish newspaper, shared: he enters into a cooperation with Tesla. A special verdict, in view of the shares that Daimler until 2014 in the American brand had.

According to Reuters news agency did Zetsche, the statements towards the Polish Rzeczpospolita. The German would never regret have had after the sale of the Tesla vehicle parts, "but this close collaboration in the future." Daimler itself is more conservative, because the group says that the comments of Zetsche are made as a result of hypothetical questions asked during the Paris motor show. Currently is no cooperation with Tesla on Daimlers planning.

The parent company of Mercedes-Benz sold in 2014 his 4 percent stake in Tesla. Interesting detail then is that the 'cooperation' of the two brands can see in the Tesla Model S. The transmissiehendel and the buttons for the power window lock were one-on-one inherited from Stuttgart. Last month launched the Mercedes-Benz competitor to the Tesla Model X: the EQC.