Cult car to customer

Viersen, August 5, 2014

Solely in the sensational Bridge jump from the 2000 blockbuster " Gone in 60 Seconds " left five of the twelve Mustang GT500 replicas of their lives. The rest is history: Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie loved each other and the beastly muscle car and " Eleanor " was a legend. Even if you have to constantly think of the gray-blue film monster, then you should now pointed ears. Finally, one can " Eleanor " future purchase in Germany. Established reference, with modern technology, TÜV and H-Kennzeichen.Und with a lot of bang under the hood.

Mustang GT500 " Eleanor " with up to 750 hp

For the proper style construction of a classic film, the company " GT500 Eleanor " from Viersen provides. And the North Rhine-Westphalia need to know how to do it, after all they have for three years worked with Classic Recreations USA. Here 150 officially licensed " Eleanor " were made ​​in total. Basis for the Nicolas Cage memory Oldie is a 1967 or 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. For cinematic driving a newly constructed aluminum V8 with seven-liter displacement and 550 hp makes. If that's not enough? a compressor variant with 750 hp is doable. Optionally, the power goes through a manual or an automatic transmission to the 17-inch rear wheels. An adjustable coilover suspension and stabilizers at the front and rear axle strive for a modern ride.

2000 hours handmade

Further concessions to the modern era: " Eleanor " has a power steering, disc brakes, a tilt steering wheel and air conditioning. Also, a navigation system, leather-based racing seats or a roll cage can order the customer. Each vehicle is made in eleven months of manual work and about 2,000 hours of work exclusive and tailored to customer. For price makes GT500 Eleanor no details . (sw)