Cool Convertible: Amarok rocks Wacken

Wacken, July 31, 2015

What are the apprentices from the VW Group as to the wheels, we experience every year at GTI Meeting at W├Ârthersee. Whether a 395-hp GTI named Darkshine, a twin-turbo edition from Golf Variant or the pick-up converted Skoda Fabia named Funstar ?? the young people have good ideas on how the 2015er meeting showed again in May.

Amarok convertible while at the Wacken Festival

Now the next project is in the spotlight: A to Convertible converted Amarok. Shown is the seven-seater for the first time at Wacken Open Air ( W: O: A), the biggest heavy metal festival in the world ( 30 July-2 August 2015). The festival in Schleswig-Holstein is supported by VW, a total of eight and five Amarok Multivan are in organization and Firefighters in action.

Eight months of construction

The roofless Amarok was built of five trainees from Hannover in just eight months and was completed in spring 2015. For conversion include new headlights, additional LED lights on the steps and a Wide tread besides lowering. Its matt finish was the former pick-up of a classic car workshop of Hanover - Limmer. The joinery of the VW plant contributed padded frame parts and a table for the cargo area. Two specially converted seats in the rear allow a raised seating position, thus providing a good overview. The is also needed: Usually, the unusual mobile is used in the transporter works for VIP tours . ( hd )