Completely lifted?

Vienna, November 3, 2014

Henry Ford was in 1940 very safe. Someday a mixture coming from airplanes and cars, was the US captain of industry. But the flying cars have still not made ​​the breakthrough. Time it was on the expensive conversion, sometimes a lack of power or a high price. Of the separately necessary pilot's license and the obstacles in the authorization by the aviation authorities to mention.

Now the Slovak company Aero mobile dares a new start. Ever since 1989, Stefan Klein is working on a flying car, since 2010 he has been working with Juraj Vaculik, the current boss of Aero mobile at a commercial implementation. Their current level is simply called 3.0 and denotes the current state of development. He should already be in the final product very close. So this version was removed from the Slovak Association of ultralight plane and the Slovak Civil Aviation Authority.

Folding - Fix

Twelve people were involved in the development of the Aero Mobile 3.0. The structure of the vehicle consists of a steel frame, plus a carbon fiber body. The length is always six feet, but the width varies. In Auto mode, there are 2.24 meters, with folded wings, the wingspan 8.32 meters. The motor is a Rotax 912, which is operated with a super - fuel. A strengthened chassis to allow takeoffs and landings on rough ground. To withdraw, are 130 km / h necessary, maximum reaches the Aero mobile in the air 200 km / h. On the road there are 160 things. The consumption is given in flight with 15 liters per hour, which is to enable a range of 700 kilometers. With solid ground under the wheels there are eight liters per 100 km and 875 km range. To a possible launch and possible prices, Aero mobile keeps still covered . ( rh )