Compact VW with a five-cylinder

Nürburgring, 19. September 2017

We actually thought that VW pulled out in April 2016 the plug from the R400 project and the sporty Compact car was a victim of the expensive diesel scandal. At the time, it was said that the planned vehicle will be even more powerful than the 2014 at the Beijing Motor Show presented R400 concept. Insiders say, it would have received the name "R420", to reflect its 420 HP. But this project is dead and buried, really?

Oval Tailpipes: An Indication

Now, our prototype has been photographed-a photographer at the Nürburgring, a mysterious prototype of the Golf R. He has a different exhaust system with a Pair of oval tailpipes as they are to be found also on the Audi RS 3. You could do that, therefore, the presumption is that this Golf has the 2.5-Liter five-cylinder from Audi under the hood. A reminder: The Golf R's four tailpipes in the standard configuration, or, if he is equipped with the optional Performance package, a lighter Akrapovic system made from titanium.

Series-production vehicle or a special model?

It is difficult to prophesy, what is it exactly that VW and Audi here, just tinkering, but alone because of the tailpipes, it must be a quick vehicle. And if it happens to be a car coming out that has 400 (such as the RS-3), or even 420 HP, we would be happy ... no matter whether the car is called the Golf R400 or Golf R420. Series-production vehicle or a special model? We don't know it. The Price? Could be between 45,000 and 50,000 euros. How do we get it? A normal Golf R currently costs 40.675 euros, an Audi RS 3 is at least 54.600 euros.(ml)