Compact crossover model from the Middle Kingdom

Shanghai / Guangzhou ( China ), November 12, 2014

Qoros, the new car brand from China, unveiled a new production model at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition ( 20 to 29 November 2014). In the run-first sketches have now been published by the Qoros 3 City SUV.

Between coupe and SUV

The new derivative of the compact Qoros 3 is classified in the crossover category ?? it is somewhere between coupe and SUV. The coupe elements include the high waistline, the small window and the flat roof above. An off-road vehicles remember the sturdy-looking, black plastic strips on completion of the body down, and the underrun protection. In addition, the car should have a high ground clearance, large wheels, a high seating position and plenty of interior space. The motors Qoros expresses not yet, but it is assumed that the known Qoros engines are installed. But it should be interesting to see if the car will be offered with all-wheel drive.

innovative networking

In terms of connectivity, the newcomer offers interesting QorosQloud system, its version 2.0 is also presented in Guangzhou. The previously known version provides navigation, evaluations for driving behavior and communication skills, with the cloud technology is used. For example, a navigation route will be planned at home on the PC on the QorosQloud site and later be used both on the phone and in the car. Also, calendar information can be synchronized in this way. In addition, the system allows, for example, to control their own fuel consumption and to share the results with friends.

A study released in 2013 's

The Qoros 3 City SUV recalls the study 3 Cross Hybrid Concept, which was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. At the same event also the first production model, the four-door notchback sedan Qoros 3 Sedan was unveiled. The five-door hatchback version followed a year later, also in Geneva. Also a combination has already been shown in 2013 as a study. While Qoros speaks in his car by a Chinese development, there are rumors in industry circles that the vehicle largely derived from the renowned Austrian manufacturer Magna Steyr. Even otherwise puts a lot of European know-how in Qoros 3. So Gert Hildebrand is responsible for the design ?? the German has previously designed cars for Opel, VW, Mitsubishi and Mini. The firm is headed by the Chinese Guo Qian, however, is the Vice Chairman of the former VW executive Volker Stein washer.

So far, only in China

Qoros was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between the Israeli conglomerate Israel Corporation and the Chinese automaker Chery. The original name of Chery Quantum Automobile Corporation was changed in 2011 Qoros. Produced the Qoros models at a new plant in Changshu, near Shanghai. The capacity is 150,000 pieces per year. So far, the cars are only in China but in the market. If and when the vehicles come to us, is open. ( sl )