Colorful, small and square

Tokyo, October 28 2015

The most appealing booth at the Tokyo Motor Show ( 28 October to 8 November 2015) is our impression that of Daihatsu. The many small, colorful cars ?? four studies and ten train cars ?? are easy to look nice.

" Nori Ori " or " in and out "

The first study is Nori and Ori focuses on the really important question is how the car in and out comes. This is finally the first hurdle in the use of cars as Daihatsu noticed. We would add: If it's not just going to Roadster, which is especially true for the elderly and wheelchair users. At these groups, the Japanese small car specialist seems to have thought in his study. The commuter car comes in a space-saving box format. Wide-opening doors swivel to the side and a large tailgate facilitate access. Laterally there is an electrically operated ramp at the rear there is a lift. So you can just roll in strollers or walkers. The interior with its flat floor can accommodate two wheelchairs.

Tempo: For chicken and Wurstverkäuferin

Similarly, box-like as the nori Ori comes the second study. The pace, however, is intended for use as a commercial vehicle. It is based on the FF platform, with the abbreviation simply stands for front-engine, front-wheel drive. The pace should be used as a rolling stand. So he has on the sidewalk side ?? in Japan is left ?? a soaring upward flap with integrated LED lights. Behind the sales counter is revealed. On the other hand the pace has two double doors, behind there is a transparent door that can be used as a showcase. Another Goodie is a surface on the vehicle side, which can be used as the display ?? perhaps to indicate the price of food and beverages.

D-base: Not quite as exotic

Not quite so exotic to Western eyes affects the D-base. When you think of the database program dBase, is barking up the wrong, the D-base is a square designed microcar in the format of a Cuore on normal engine under the hood. The car has four side doors, with the rear door opener itself ?? more bad than good ?? Hide in the C-pillar. The tailgate is such as the Toyota Aygo entirely of glass, over there is a bold roof spoiler. Blue body inserts and lines seem to emphasize that this is still a study ?? otherwise the car would look quite ordinary namely.

Hinata: Slightly rounded wall unit from wheels

The Hinata, Design study number three, according to Daihatsu has a rounded design. So you have a little smile, because of Hinata is more of a closet wall on four wheels, though the corners are slightly rounded. The microcar in Kei-Car format has on both sides of rear doors that facilitate access. On B - pillars Daihatsu waived. The seats can be used in many configurations. At the exhibition one can see, are directed outwards welcoming in which two seats, the visitors to. Among the other exhibits include various versions of the mini-car cast, a custom variation of the Kleinstvans Move and a new version of the small roadster Copen, who was also in this country temporarily offered before Daihatsu to January 31, 2013 ceased the sale of all models in Germany . ( sl )