Citroën brings limited E-Mehari

Cologne, 1. September 2017

Once more, Citroën and fashion label Courrèges for a E-Mehari together project. Already at the Geneva motor show of 2016, there was a (remarkably white) beach buggy with Haute-Couture flair. At the Frankfurt auto show IAA (12. - 24. September 2017), the fashionable E-Mehari, now in round two. However, not as a single piece, but in an edition of 61 copies.

All black

What relates to the body colour, the fashion house in a completely different way than before one and a half years in Geneva. The E-Mehari by Courrèges is very very black. "Vinyl Black" is the name of the matte shade. There are darkened tail lamps and 15-inch wheels with black Details.

Interior modern

Great progress in comparison to all other E-Meharis: This Version has a roof. A gloss black, removable Hardtop, to be exact. In addition, there are ground-breaking innovations such as side Windows, Airbags and Central locking. So Fashion Victims can make use of your moving a Beach chair in fact the whole year and not just when the sun is shining. Inside the E-Mehari by Courrèges gets White to all Black and also a whole lot. In addition, he now has a dashboard that looks as if it was created in this Millennium, not in a previous one. Real Highlight: Every buyer gets to his car, a suitable Courrèges bag.

More comfortable

No Changes, however, when the topic of drive: as before, the Citroën E-Mehari by a 67-horsepower electric powered engine that brings it to 166 Newton meters of torque and, at least for the beach suitable for 110 km/h maximum speed. The value of 7.3 seconds for the Sprint to 60 km/h also not much impressive. After all, people have plenty of time, all of the Style of Courrèges-E-Mehari absorb. With the 30-kWh battery has a range of 195 kilometers should be possible. Prices are not fixed yet.(sw)