Chinese sedan Volvo-based

Shanghai (China), 19 April 2017

The study "03" Geelys newly established brand Lynk & co at the auto Shanghai 2017 (19-29 April) are views of a compact sedan. How the crossover called "01", which was unveiled in late 2016, based the "03" on Volvos platform CMA (compact modular architecture). Therefore, the sedan shares many components with the next-generation S40.

Bi-colour paint and optics of the "01"

For the exterior design, the car is similar to the aforementioned crossover. With the two stacked, wide air intake openings and headlights, positioned high up, flanking the bonnet looks quite interesting. A Black roof, black exterior mirrors and black inserts on the side skirts contrasting with the mostly white body. Well, massive five-spoke alloy wheels fill the wheel arches.

L-shaped rear lights as the SUV version

At the rear there is a thin, round exhaust pipe left and right. The L-shaped rear lights of the "01" have been adjusted only slightly for the sedan. Like at the crossover the lights ranging into the tailgate, which looks quite broad and should facilitate to the loading and unloading.

Instrument display and large touch screen

The Interior was acquired by the "01" also appear largely so for example the design of the Luftausströmer, the steering wheel and center console. Noticeable are the instruments performed as a display as well as the large touch screen of Infotainment System.

Three or four cylinder turbo engines

Technical details are not yet available, but the Lynk & co 03 probably similar to how the "01" Gets a 1.5 liter turbo gasoline engine combined with an electric motor. As a close relative of the coming Volvo S40 he gets also probably several three - and four-cylinder engines with turbocharging. As an alternative to the manual a seven-speed dual clutch transmission will be offered probably.

In Europe, probably at the end of the Decade

Since the "03" on the same platform as the S40-based, he also has access to the numerous safety and assistance systems from Volvo. The "03" should be in China after the "01" on the market, 2017 starting in the fourth quarter. The United States and Europe to receive the "01" in the year 2019, so the sedan will probably arrive before the end of the decade with us not. (sl)