Chinese manufacturer NIU brings eScooter to Germany

Berlin, 28 April 2017

Electric mobility is on the rise. This trend is favored by higher ranges, falling battery prices and a growing network of charging up-to-date. And in addition to electric cars, electric scooter becoming increasingly important especially in large cities. Here, the offer is increasing with new and exciting concepts of mobility. Now even the Chinese manufacturer NIU in Germany wants to start. The first model is already available, and goes by the name of N1S civic.

Attacking the world market leader

NIU? Never heard of! But NIU is not any start-up, which makes first big announcements and then silently and quietly in insolvency as well as forgotten device. No, NIU has more than 200,000 units sold according to the international leading manufacturer of electric scooters. And now, the distribution will be extended to Germany. "We are very pleased to offer our electric scooter now also in Germany," token explains Vice President and co-founder of NIU Hu. "Our goal is to create a new manner of electric locomotion. We have developed the most advanced eScooter of the world, which is within changing mobility sustainable cities."

Speed of 45 km/h, 80 km reach

What the NIU N1S civic can? The N1S civic is the revised version of the start model, which came to market in China by 2015. The ten kilograms battery works with lithium-ion technology, the cells come from Panasonic. Within six hours, the removable battery pack with a capacity of 29 is so full Ah again in less than a day of Office work. The range with a charge is 80 kilometres. A sufficient distance for the most urban commuters. The Bosch electric motor makes 2,400 Watts, the maximum speed is 45 km/h and delayed is by means of electronically controlled braking system, which also regulates the recuperation.

With an app everything in sight

The scooter is connectable with an app available for iOS and Android. About it you will be kept informed around the clock over the whereabouts and condition of the vehicle. Application examples? Once an unauthorized movement of the vehicle takes place, the roller sends a message. Also, you can check the battery, mobile calling the user's Guide, do a log book and locate the nearest service station. Much technique, which was packed in a simple roller design.

The next model is in the starting blocks

The NIU N1S civic at more than 150 German retailers is now available. The price? 2.699 euro. By the way: NIU Announces addition to bring another model on the German market in the next two months with the M1. These are a slightly more compact model that you want to achieve a range of up to 120 kilometers. (ml)