Child seat test in 2017, with light and shadow

Munich, 24. October 2017

You can buckle your talent inside where you want – when the child seat is good for nothing, is also the case of the largest SUV-the Fortress of a potential death. Eyes wants to say: the child seat purchase. Fortunately, the Foundation test and the ADAC in an international collaborative test this year for more transparency in terms of Junior chairs. The good news is that Twelve out of the 16 test candidates to achieve the rating of "good", two "satisfactory". Rather scary: Two children are rating seats rated "poor".

Cybex Aton is the test winner

According to the ADAC, most of the 16 protect baby carriers and car seats for children from birth to about twelve years. In the test, the Cybex Aton M i a-Size for 200 euros (with the "Base"shell 350 Euro). It is suitable for infants up to 87 centimetres in body size and scores in both Front and side crash, as well as with its simple operation.

Recaro and Jané failure

The fingers should, however, of the Seats Recaro Optia and Jané Grand. The Recaro chair broke, according to ADAC, "in a front impact collision of the Smart-Click Base, and flew in a high arc through the laboratory". The seat from Jané is the hook of the Isofix bracket came loose. Both therefore received a rating of "poor". After all, the manufacturers responded immediately. Recaro has taken the seat of Optia, in the meantime, from the market and offers Optia owners a free replacement. Jané leaves the seat of Grand on the market, is offering customers a free repair.

Expensive does not equal good

As the ADAC festellt, is a high price for children's seats is not always an indicator for a good performance. The chairs by Recaro, and Jané are with 280 and 330 euros relatively expensive, good seats there would be in this Test, however, starting at 140 euros. The high price of most seats in the Test, the Recaro Zero.1 Elite for 700 euros, as well as the Nuna Rebl Plus i-Size for 500 Euro. The cheapest way comes with the Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP for 140 Euro and the Recaro Privia Evo for 180 Euro.(sw)