Chevy shows the new Silverado

Fort Worth (USA), 18. December 2017

Chevrolet celebrates its currently 100 years of Truck history. Since the introduction of the 2019er-Silverado fits quite well into the concept. On the Texas Motor Speedway, it has been shown for the first time, the new edition of the big Trucks. The main Changes relate to a new, something tafferes Design, as well as the focus on lighter materials. Of course, Chevy promises – as it should be – that the new Silverado is better than ever.

Powerful Off-Road Version

The Design Changes relate primarily to the Front where the Truck experts immediately to a newly formed grille with integrated LED headlamps. Here you can see the stresses offroadige LT-trail-boss-variant, one of the future eight different configurations for the Silverado. The trail boss, Chevrolet refrained almost completely in chrome, Black, by contrast, is the color. The same applies for the wheels and the tail with its new diffuser, and the left-Right-tail pipes. In addition, the Silverado trail boss has a lot of off-road Equipment and a lift of about five centimeters.

Lighter and stiffer

Probably more important than the new Look: In the 2019er-Silverado more aluminum and high-strength steels are used. He should, therefore, be stiffer and lighter. Official data here, but neither is available as information to the motors. "He is strong, he is modern, but he is instantly recognizable as a Chevy Truck,"says Alan Beaty, North America-head of GM. The great presentation of the new Chevy Silverado is at the beginning of January 2018 at the Detroit Motor Show. Then we will also know more about all of the important Numbers.(sw)