Chevrolet comes with a 300 hp Cruze Sport6 SS

In the first week of november put at the São Paulo Auto Show in Brazil will open its doors. Chevrolet let there be a 300 hp strong variant of the Cruze Sport6.

Chevrolet leave a teaserafbeelding see a new model the following week presents during the São Paulo Auto Show. Chevrolet brings a very sporty variant of the Cruze Sport6, the Cruze Hatchback such as those in South America is called, to the show. A car that the well-known addition of 'SS' (Super Sport).

The Cruze Sport6 SS gets a 300 hp version of the 1.4 Turbo, a block that by default, 153 hp is strong. According to Chevrolet, the vermogentoename obtained by the car a 'high performance package'. Chevrolet is not saying what exactly there in that magical package. The manufacturer speaks, however, of the presence of sports seats, special seat belts, aluminum pedals and a racing wheel. Also, let the company know that the car has a sports suspension, the outside air is of spoilerwerk, and 20-inch light metal and is placed. According to Chevrolet wants the car, are the opinions of the audience gauge. A possible production version is not excluded.