CES 2018: Kia reveals Niro EV

Las Vegas (USA), 10. January 2018

Where will us the future of the automobile? A view of the "Consumer Electronics Show" in Las Vegas, short-CES called the dare every year. Of 9. to 12. January 2018 show, many car manufacturers their visions, including Kia. As in the case of competition is that for Koreans in the fields of Autonomous Driving, connectivity and alternative powertrains.

Autonomous and alternative

So Kia wants to perform from 2019, wide-scale fleet testing for Autonomous driving capabilities on public roads. The first commercial use of these technologies should take place in 2021 in the context of a "Smart City"pilot project, the vehicles of the autonomy level 4 cities according to the intelligent infrastructure services. At the same time, Kia is continuing the Expansion of its alternative-powered model range. By 2025, the manufacturer intends to expand the number of electrified vehicles to a total of 16 models, including five new Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, five new battery-operated models, as well as a fuel cell vehicle for the mass market, which will be introduced in 2020. Here is the Basis of the Hyundai is likely to be Nexo, the Kia mother shows currently in Las Vegas.

Niro under power

On the Kia Niro, the near-series study, Niro EV is based. Similar to the sister model, the Hyundai Ioniq, a range of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and electric. However, the current Niro drives with significantly more power: 150 kW is equal to 204 HP of electric motor. A Lithium-Polymer battery with a 64 kilowatt-hour capacity to allow a range of up to 383 miles. In the exterior design of the Niro EV is similar to its brothers, but sets its own accents.

The face is the key

So instead of the classic grille is an interactive display element that communicates with its environment. In the interior of new technologies, such as an HMI interface in the foreground: a the steering Wheel of the built-in control panel of the infotainment system and air conditioning through Touch Gestures. In addition, the interface allows, via facial and voice recognition in the vehicle "log-in". The Two-zone sound system with eight speakers integrated into the headrest, enables the occupant to the front and to hear the back at the same time, different music or Podcasts.(rh)