CES 2017 Mercedes relies on CASE

Mercedes relies on CASE

Performance of Mercedes-Benz at the CES in Las Vegas (5-8 January 2017) should be in the character of the new corporate strategy of "CASE" with the four pillars connected and autonomous, shared & service, electric drive. You linked the Megatrends of networking, autonomous driving, flexible business models, and electric drives. For the first time be the concept EQ and Mercedes-Benz to see vision van on a stage.

The concept EQ, the study of a passenger car in the look of a sporty SUV crossovers, Mercedes-Benz gives a glimpse of a new generation of vehicles with battery-electric drive. The Mercedes-Benz vision van, the transport study for the urban space, integrated as a complete system a variety of technologies for the delivery of the last mile. "Our concept of mobility will change over the next five to ten years more than in 50 years previously", predicts OLA Källenius, Member of the Board of Daimler since today (1 January 2017) responsible for group research and Mercedes-Benz cars development. "The goal is to make the car to the platform of future mobility concepts and digital experience space. The car of the future must be networked, autonomous, emission-free and provide the opportunity for shared mobility."

Under "fit & healthy" Mercedes-Benz will also be presenting a vision of how to intelligently connect with the mobility of the future a growing health consciousness of the society. With exhibits of artificial intelligence and the connection of the vehicle on the so-called smart home Mercedes-Benz provides insights into the current work of its research and development sites. The moderated live talks are a special highlight with Mercedes-Benz experts which Mediasite can be experienced through Facebook and the Daimler. Also the topics artificial intelligence, innovative solutions for the networking of vehicles with the smart home and "Mercedes me" play a role in the trade fair to ride. The brand smart before also provides the new service "smart ready to share". (ampnet/SM)