CES 2017: Mercedes-Benz a visionary van

A visionary van

For the first time, the Mercedes-Benz vans Division is represented in Las Vegas (5-8.1.2017) this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With her appearance, the brand underline the change to the provider of integrated system solutions for the transportation industry. Also the transporter study is displayed in Las Vegas vision van, which was presented in September of last year for the first time.

The concept car has a fully automated loading, integrated drones for autonomous air delivery and a modern joystick control. Drive is a 75 kW / 102 HP electric motor. The vehicle has a range of up to 270 kilometers. The vision van-new possibilities of extra services on the last mile to demonstrate in conjunction with a cloud based control software.

The vehicle with other road users communicate over the black-panel grille with an LED matrix and a LED display that is integrated in the rear. It warns them about when the vehicle stops, turns, or withdraw drones from him. It also signals the following traffic that can be overhauled because it will reside for long periods in a parking position.

On the dashboard, the driver receives information about route planning and details of the drone flight. Also on the ground in the Interior plays the vision van information to the shipping carrier. Thanks to a special effect signal LEDs in the stainless steel back, whether approaching pedestrians or bicyclists. An information terminal is located on the rear wall of the driver's cab, in addition to the built-in package output. At the same time, it serves as central control unit, the vehicle, the automated systems and information about individual orders to connect.

The driver will also continuously supplied information for manual delivery using a Smartwatch. She shows him including the delivery address, input codes for electronic locking systems and, where appropriate, secure storage locations for the respective program.

Under the title "Vans and Robots", another pioneering project for the delivery of goods presented Mercedes-Benz Vans at the edge of the CES. In cooperation with Starship technologies, an innovative start-up for delivery robot, Mercedes-Benz is the transporter to the mobile store, as well as to the distribution of automated delivery systems on the last mile. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter serves as a vehicle for the solution. A shelving system was integrated in it, that according to the "first in, first out" principle provides the charge carriers. The shelf is loaded with a total of 54 charge carriers for eight Starship robot. An algorithm calculates a route with optimized breakpoints to discharge individual robot and recording blank robots for the transporter. The robot will be charged at the specified breakpoints. Then drive autonomously to the destination and return to the transporter, their mobile "hub", on one of the next stopping points.

The long-term vision of the concept called also "mothership" is an autonomous robot fleet which autonomously votes their tours with vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and optimized and is loaded automatically. For this purpose will be together with Starship technologies continued working on the project.

Together, companies, in addition to the cooperation on the vision called van, including a pilot project in which transporter in hard to reach places as a landing platform for drones are tested. (ampnet/jri)