Cc1: The unknown VW

Wolfsburg, 12 April 2017

He came to this world too soon: the Audi built from 1999 to 2005 scored A2 with advanced technology, its design and the relatively high price, however, discouraged potential customers. What hardly anyone knows: in the Volkswagen research back in the mid of 1990s was a study that showed the way to the A2. Now, the prototype will be shown for the first time publicly in the Wolfsburg "AutoMuseum Volkswagen".

Micro-diesel and DSG

In the specifications of the CC1 of mentioned car (which has nothing in common with the later Passat offshoot CC) two targets stood out: A consumption of under two litres for 100 km/h and maximum active and passive safety requirements. The motor of the CC1 was CC and a power of 35 HP. therefore a three-cylinder 898 CC sucking diesel quite modestly, the aggregates were far more in the A2. Interesting: Even at that time an early form of the DSG including swing commercial automatic in the CC1 was tested.

Flyweight by aluminium

The design had less aesthetic aspects in the views, but lightweight and good aerodynamics. So were covered the rear wheels and the lights integrated into the body. With success, because the drag coefficient is 0.2. Through the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the body and aluminum for the frame, the CC1 with 440 kg weighed as much as the later Audi A2 only half. However, the four-seater CC1 was also much shorter. An interesting detail on the edge: Parallel to the CC1 a VW was Polo with aluminum body, which however ceased to exist in 1995. (rh)