Caught: new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz is a portfolio with a rotgang to expand. One of the newcomers is the CLA-class Shooting Brake, which is now for the first time in the picture is published.

Mercedes-Benz calls for some time that are compact modelfamillie from eight models will exist. The direct interpretation of that group of Benzen is not yet completely clear, but we can now confirm that in each case, a CLA Shooting Brake is coming. That is remarkable, as Mercedes-Benz out the artist, the Shooting Brake variant of the CLS-list when the a new generation of the car presented. Thanks to a video on the YouTube channel of walkoARTvideos we see a wrapped instance of the new CLA Shooting Brake for the first time and this is his coming so confirmed.

The CLA Shooting Brake comes in addition to the new CLA-class, a yet to reveal the new generation of the slightly sporty-lined sedan that, in turn, in addition to the A-class Sedan at the price of Mercedes-Benz. The compact Mercedes-family will continue to consist of the already well-known A-class, the recently launched B-class, a new cross-over (CAP-class), and possibly a new GLA-class. Or Mercedes-Benz, the upcoming all-electric EQA also to this family is counting, remains to be seen. That would, in theory, the eighth model. An unveiling of the new CLA Shooting Brake, which, again, a strongly sloping roofline, we expect next year in Geneva. Once on the market the new Mercedes a striking opponent. Kia recently added namely the Proceed to his leveringsgamma, also a smooth-lined station wagon with a sporty slant.

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