Cars in the flood: what is to save?

Munich, May 31, 2016

The images went through the television news: enormous mass of high water rushing through some villages in Baden-Württemberg. In the Middle also cars that were swept away by the floods such as toys. You are unquestionably a total loss, but many vehicles drawn by water damaged can be repaired completely. The TÜV Süd points out now.

Better not start

So that water damage can be eliminated by the workshops, car owners must act prudently. As a previously lapped do not start engine. Even if the engine starts, there is the danger that water is getting into the oil. It threatens an engine failure. Just turn on the ignition is not an option, this process can cause serious problems with electrics and electronics. The TÜV advises to disconnect the battery quickly.

Be careful when the depth of water.

So, the best solution is to tow the car in a garage. There, it is examined whether a drainage is possible and worthwhile. This is dependent on the time value, the depth and the dirt in the water. Speaking of immersion depth: often motorists are wondering what floods are passable. As a general rule: everything is up to the hubs, it becomes critical if the water can reach on the air intake of the engine. This is recognizable but not from the outside and is happy to confused with the air intakes.

Hull doesn't always pay

Flooded roads should be crossed only in case of emergency and even then very gently. Basically, by flooding, the insurance covers damages. Gross negligence is excluded but sometimes, if for example the car despite flood risk has been on a high-risk car park. (rh)