'Car sharing is a gap in the market

The European market for deelauto can grow strongly. According to economists from ING the number of shared cars just can reach up to 7.5 million in 2035, a small to 400,000 now.

An international investigation of the bank under 13,000 people in thirteen European countries shows that three in ten Europeans with a driver's license or have an interest in deelauto services. More than 60 percent would even be willing to have his or her car parts for money.

But there are still some bears on the road. Despite the high level of interest, is still only about 0.1 percent of all cars in Europe shared. There is also no real 'Airbnb of car-sharing' risen, according to the experts.

According to the study, apron, there are still some ease-of-use. Also, there are practical hurdles to overcome, such as the physical handing over of keys. It is important that there is more confidence is bred to car owners to move their cars to share.

The netherlands scores as regards interest, incidentally, is slightly lower than the European average: 18% of the people here would be deelauto to use, while 41 percent prepared is the private car share for money. Dutch people also want more money to see if they have their car temporarily to relinquish, as much as 45 euros per day at 33 euros on average in Europe.

ING thinks that if the car gets really large, the total number of cars on the roads will decline. Expected is the fleet of vehicles in Europe in the coming years, even in the elevator up to a small 300 million in 2025, but the number of cars will be in the direction of 2035 is likely to decline.