Cadillacs will no longer with vertical headlights?

Zurich/Monterey (United States), 19 August 2016

Cadillac presents the concept of escala, a preview of the future skin orientation of the brand on the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance. Americans think of the over five-meter long limousine as "expressive and more spacious companion for the CT6 recently introduced".

Departure from the vertical headlights?

The Escala is still about 15 centimeters longer than the huge CT6 5.34 m. It is suitable according to Cadillac as a driver's car as well as chauffeur limousine. The hatchback with the large tailgate is unusual for a luxury sedan. A new look for the spotlight belongs to the new design elements, which are to be incorporated into the series. Since 1948, the vertical design of the lights was brand-typical. Cadillac referred to the new lighting design by a new interpretation of this theme. But a horizontal and diagonal elements are combined in the study ever. It used thin organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which create a spirited look. The grill had horizontal fins at the CT6. The study, however, has a fine honeycomb mesh instead. The 22-inch wheels with double spokes seem more familiar the CT6 rolls on similar wheels.

A zone for the technology, one for relaxation

Inside the Escala is a split personality. There are two clearly distinct zones: the front section focuses on modern technology, while the rear ensures relaxation. The driver looks at three OLED screens. The back of the thin displays is covered in hand-stitched leather, which has an embossed a Cadillac signature. The connectivity can be operated via buttons, but also by voice and gesture control. In the rear, there is plenty of leg room and extendable displays where you can watch videos so the fun comes back not to brief. (sl)