Buying tip: This special Volkswagen T1 combination also has an Audi S3 engine

Something different than a Hymer

A Volkswagen T1 that performs a permanent polonaise with a second T1, that is special enough. But if the big pacesetter of the whole is a more modern Audi S3 engine, then you really have something special. And even better: this Volkswagen Typ 2 with Typ 2 caravan can be yours very soon.

This T1 with caravan is not a project of Volkswagen itself. The builder was inspired by the so-called 'Fifth Wheel Trailer'. For this trailer you mounted a kind of towbar on the roof of the VW Beetle. This kept the combination very short and agile. The handy handyman really used two Typ 2s (of the T1 generation) for the combination.

To ensure that the T1 would still make good progress under the extra weight, the 2.0-liter was installed from an Audi S3. The exact power or year of manufacture of the engine is not reported, but according to the advertisement it would be 'more than you could ever want from such a vehicle'. The Audi's automatic transmission was also added to the van.

It's especially cool…

The funny thing is that a lot of effort has been put into just a little space gain. Because where the steering wheel used to be in the caravan, there is now only a drawer. If you had taken a normal T1 and folded the front seats down to form a bench, you would have gotten just as much out of it. But that's not the point of this combination. This thing is just cool.

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In the caravan you have enough brown tones and periodically correct curtains. The roof can be folded up and there is an awning on the side, near the patio doors. The T1 with Audi S3 engine is in the United Kingdom and you have until September 22 to bid at Car & Classic . An estimate of what it should yield has not been provided.