Borgward: comeback at the Geneva Salon

Lucerne ( Switzerland ), February 5, 2015

This message is fun: The Borg Ward brand is at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 will experience a comeback ( March 5 to 15 ). How will the established Christian Borgward, grandson of the founder and chairman of the board in 2008 in Lucerne ( Switzerland ) AG Borgward but only reveal the trade fair. Rumor has it that Chinese investors are involved with.

Cars, trucks and boats

For car lovers the name Borgward is inseparable from the Isabella Coupé, the most beautiful car of the 1950s and 1960s. But the company was known for innovation: The P100 1959 was the first German car with an automatic regulating air suspension. Established has later Borgward group in 1919, the engineer Carl FW Borgward. Produced vehicles and engines under the brands Borgward, Goliath and Lloyd.

One Million Mobile from the Borgward group

Between 1929 and 1961, the group made ​​over a million mobile, these included both cars and trucks, buses, fire trucks, boats, electric cars, sports cars and even helicopters. At that time, the company had a workforce of over 20,000 employees at its production facilities in Bremen one of the largest automobile manufacturers and sold vehicles worldwide. In 1961, however, the financial Off: The group was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Ten years working on his comeback

Founder-grandson Christian wants to revive the brand. " The relaunch is a childhood dream of mine, who is now a reality ," says the enthusiast. Together with his partner Karl Heinz Knöss and a team of experts around the world of entrepreneurs worked by its own account in the last ten years to revive the brand in a profitable car company again. At the Geneva exhibition the next steps will be presented. The International Motor Show has for the brand by the way a special meaning: Here presented Borgward Hansa 1500 his model in 1949 as the first automotive construction after the Second World war. (HD)