BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid In the silence of the force is

In the silence of the force is

Save can be fun, such as BMW proves calculated in an SUV. In the X5 with a socket drive lack of energy is certainly not an issue, but rather the careful handling of her.

Gently, it's not going straight. Is yes even normal on a race track like the one in miramas, not far from Marseille. So full throttle - and: silence. The driver has not, however, about the X5 here stalled on the BMW test track embarrassingly. The prototype is rather a plug-in hybrid. And is in program mode " Max E-Drive".

This means: 250 Newton meters of torque from the 70 kW/95 hp electric motor immediately put going on - and ensure even without the power of the connected four-cylinder petrol engine (180 kW/245 Nm PS/350 ) for considerable jacking. The increases even after the first turn with the change in the Sport mode, coupled with automatic E-Drive. For now operate gasoline and electric motor together.

A team that works pretty recorded. The X5 unfolds so classic BMW six-cylinder dynamics, they complement the unfolding force of two hearts well - and barely noticeable. Would not the central display with blue (electric motor ) or red ( Nitro ) Power flow display constantly prove the origin of the power, the driver would simply not notice anything from the way, production and interconnection. In less than seven seconds, the car catapults itself thanks to this combination of zero to 100 kilometers per hour.

" The plug-in makes the hybrid only really fully satisfying ," Marcus says Bollig as well. The engineer is the head EfficientDynamics as the sum of all incentive-saving measures at BMW say. Bollig explains that with the rechargeable battery at the household power outlet in the longer term, the force can be activated that makes the E-motor for real enrichment while driving.

The battery pack on the rear axle with 9,2 kW is charged in two and a half hours - and enables pure electric driving up to 120 miles per hour. But far more important are the 30 km range that can be achieved without switching on the petrol engine. "So we can cover more than 80 percent of all routes that an average X5 driver travels a day," says Bollig. And these are just the routes in and around the city centers, which are particularly plagued by noise and pollution.

© BMWDer battery pack is located on the rear axle   The X5 plug-in hybrid is designed to roll forward as socially acceptable. 3.9 liters of thirds in consumption and 89 grams CO2/km-Ausstoß are on the diet plan, which the engineer has his staff wrote the specifications. An essential part to achieve this goal for its market launch in 2015, play more components of the Efficient Dynamics strategy pursued by the Munich for 15 years. About the management of the driving course. The goal here is that the car should be as his driver always clearly far-sighted - and optimize already when entering the targets in the navigation system the use of its drives: When the X5 Plug-in Hybrid is only electrically, when and how he plays in duet with the combustor and at what time the focus is on getting the battery pack for the trip back again in the best possible operating condition. The decision of the board computer right from the start.

An electronic driver pattern is the way the future also always be on board when the customer orders a cruise control that automatically maintains distance. Meanwhile, camera and radar technology BMW does in fact exploit to iron out an old mistake many drivers electronically: Detects the car that one of preceding car slows down, it turns like a good driver the same fittingly strong one, two or three courses back. Thus, the handlebar efficiently use the engine brake or overtake blessed with the best gear.

Save also help some tricks while thermal management, the BMW just further optimized. Thus, the engines will even significantly better encapsulated to keep them warm longer. " A warm engine suppressed in the Continuation of course the consumption significantly ," said heat expert Felix Schiebel. Side effect: When sealing material for the engine compartment, the Munich can in total material and thus save weight. And the engine is quieter anyway.

Speaking of Noise: In the prototype of the X5 plug-in hybrids, it creaks from the exhaust yet strange, if the driver courageously in the mixing operation occurs on the gas. Here the aerodynamics are still in demand - which have a core task even at the fuel-saving issues. Especially at higher speeds of up to three-digit horsepower numbers are finally alone used for overcoming air resistance. Especially with a high building SUV but it is hard to get close to the aerodynamic ideal of smooth teardrop shape.

That's why the engineers have come up with there tricks like slots on the side of the bumper and behind the wheel forward. This a type of air curtain forms in front of the wheels and helps massively to save fuel. So how many more break edges, a smooth underbody or infinitely lockable air intakes. Such tricks reduce the drag coefficient to 0.31.