BMW iX3 Concept

Munich, 25. April 2018

The electric car future is coming: Virtually all of the major manufacturers now and in the coming months, the new current models. For BMW old hat, it was in 2013 with the i3, a pioneer in electric cars. However, Really not was. Up to now, because now BMW is showing at the exhibition "Auto China" in Beijing (29. April to 4. May 2018), the study iX3 Concept. We have the special SUV already, the responsible explain.

Conservative Modern

At first glance, the BMW is recognize iX3 Concept as X3. And yet, the Version with the additional i-Logos differs visible: a Lot of blue accents in the lower area of the car body, aerodynamically optimized rims, and especially here in the middle in openwork design BMW kidney grille without the classic barbecue. The relatively civil appearance is intentional, as Domagoj Dukes, since the 2017 chief designer at BMW i, says. The pure i-models polarize strongly, but now they wanted to reach more customers. You mean, An i3 has lured many new customers to BMW, now is the time to bring the customers to the electric Trip. Therefore, according to Dukes, is to be considered the iX3-optics similar to the X3 M Sport as a kind of additional package.

An electric SUV for China

Not without ulterior motives, the BMW iX3 Concept is, of all places, in Beijing. In China, both electric cars as well as SUVs, are booming, ergo you combine the two together. Although the reaction of the audience is to be assessed, but the study corresponds practically to the vehicle, the 2020 on the market. And for the price of a very well-equipped X3 with similar performance. We let for a amount of well-65.000 Euro. Is produced in the series-iX3 in the Chinese Shenyang, the distribution will be worldwide.

Instead Of Reach

We look to the iX3 Concept under the sheet metal: for Complex solutions such as carbon fiber in the body can BMW stay here. Normality is the Motto, technically as well as price. In the rear of the electric motor with an output of around 200 kW, which corresponds to 272 HP. Under the Seats, the battery (warranty: eight years) with more than 70 kilowatt-hours capacity. This should be enough for more than 400 kilometres in the WLTP cycle. In the case of use of a 150-Kilowatt fast-charging station "fueling" takes only half an hour.

Flexible Architectures

In the BMW Concept iX3 E-Motor, gearbox and power electronics are grouped together in a new E-drive component. Thus, the study provides a certain foretaste of what BMW 2021. Then, the iNext will be presented, in addition, the study iVision Dynamics of the IAA, 2017 BMW i4 in series. New modular and flexible vehicle architectures allow for all drive types: Pure gas, Plug-in Hybrid, electric, Front-, rear - or all-wheel drive. Anything is possible, after all, tastes vary throughout the world. The individual components should be lightweight and scalable. It is crucial then for the engineer: How much space I have, how much power do I need? In conversation of a purely electrical range of up to 700 kilometers. Particularly interesting: The electric motor requires no rare earths.

The new Normal

To summarize: in the Future, BMW is driving in electric mobility is a two-pronged strategy. On the one hand, the extravagant i-models with new vehicles such as the iNext. On the other hand, more conservative models, such as the iX3 or 2019, the electric Mini with i3-drive, 2021, then the modular platform. A 5-series or 7-series with E-drive would be no Problem. First of all, stromernde SUVs seem to be the hot Trend, and although those who consider themselves as the BMW iX3 visually: in 2018, Audi will bring the e-tron, the first half of 2019, the Mercedes EQC is based on the GLC at the dealer.(rh)