Black gold: McLaren 720S

Dubai (UAE), 14. November 2017

The McLaren Special Operations Department (for short: MSO) has struck once again, and for a special customer with a unique Version of the 720S coupe on the legs. The result of the manufacturer shows at the Dubai Motor Show, 2017 (14. to 18. November).

With a quote on the rear spoiler

The super sports from the British Woking a black finish received the car in Satin-Optik. In the wheel arches of gold seats and colored alloy wheels. Moreover, it is boasted with a Motor heat shield made of 24-Karat Gold. But the Highlight of the vehicle is likely to be the massive rear wing, which was inscribed with a quote from any of the low as the company's founder, Bruce McLaren personally. 30 hours of work were needed. The quote is from his 1964 published autobiography, "From the Cockpit", "life is measured in achievement not alone to the years." So it is written in Arabic letters on the upper side of the wing.

Gold hits Carbon

For the other adjustments, a further 90 hours of work were necessary, because the customer wanted additional Upgrades: front splitter, air intakes, roof, rear bumper and diffuser are now running the same Carbon as the mirror arms and the engine cover. In the interior of the 720S was learning with gold accents on the shift paddles, the steering Wheel and the door panels as well as Carbon on the skirts, the vents and on the steering Wheel. The auto show has to wait for the customer now, then he can Park his car in his Garage at home. How much does the tag cost is not known. A McLaren 720S of the rod, however, costs a minimum of 247.350 Euro.(ml)