Bigger, nicer and faster

Hair, 14 June 2016

Racing games on the PC, the Xbox or the PlayStation are as popular as ever. For the older ones, they are like used opportunities to move unattainable dream car in distant locations to their limit, such games already in the childhood and adolescence provide a great fascination with car for the younger ones. One of the giants of the scene goes by the name of "Forza" and now announces the biggest and most beautiful part of the series with "Forza Horizon 3".

Southern Europe goes there to Australia

After the first played two parts of Forza horizon in the United States and southern Europe, gas will be used this time in Australia properly. The freely accessible game world to be doing twice as great as in its predecessor, and there the route from Nice led in the Tuscan. From the dry Outback to jungle green to vibrant cities horizon 3 offers a very wide range of different locations. When you create the game world was particularly on the realistic representation of the sky taken great: A special 12K-HDR-Kamera has recorded the 24-hour day and night cycles in the game.

350 cars in the game

Enough of landscapes and in the sky: the real stars in horizon 3 are obviously the cars. There will be 350 different vehicles, new got especially many off-road vehicles such as the Ariel Nomad or the Ford Raptor. The cars can be with a huge range of tuning parts and customize rims. Also, your own slide changes can be created and on other gamblers "sold" via the integrated in-game shop.

Game concept and sound

The game concept, horizon 3 remains true to its predecessors and puts players in the role of the organizer of a music festival, which is touring through Australia and must be made more popular by means of various challenges. While the aim of the game the music rubs off, which sounds from the car radio. But who wants to listen to music already when you can listen also the Ferrari V12, whose sound is discarded from the Ayers Rock? Not only because of the eternal opponents could be Gran Turismo definitely something look off. The most important to the conclusion: Forza horizon 3 will be released on September 27, 2016 and is playable on the Xbox one, as well as on the PC with Windows 10. (mf)