Biedermann as arsonist

Los Angeles (United States), 16 November 2016

If you like to spend their holidays in the United States, you have perhaps ever seen him or get a rental car. There is talk of the Nissan Sentra. To the Los Angeles Auto Show (18th to 27th November 2016) will be the sedan now to the sharp NISMO jazzed up. The world premiere is ready.

Total rational

To better associate the Sentra: he is a practical car for Americans, who must be careful on their budget, but want to drive anything very small. And visually rather less exciting. Only the 4.62 meters long is so comparable to our Skoda Fabia, Nissan. Price, both are about the same, the Sentra starts at $ 16.990.

A circuit for AMIS

The Sentra shares with the available pulsar the wheelbase of 2.70 metres. And also the engine in the aufgebrezelten sedan is an acquaintance: the 1.6 liter turbo gasoline engine bringing it to 190 HP and 240 nm of torque. In the Sentra NISMO, it is combined not only with a CVT transmission, but also with a six speed gearbox. Thought is the sports sedan reminiscent of fleet predecessors such as the Datsun 510 of 1967. In the January 2017 starts selling in the United States for under $25,000.

When will the pulsar NISMO?

It should take a model Nissan Europe and bring also a pulsar NISMO, a study of which has been shown already 2014. Motor side would air after the top: work In the juke RS NISMO 218 PS.(RH)