Balls instead of cars?

Paris, 22. September 2017

The at the IAA shown in the Renault study, the Symbioz has not convinced us That you should Park the car in the future, in the living room, appeared to us as a realistic vision of the future. Also series remote and technically still quite vague, a further study from the Renault-environment seems to be the Float.

The balls that connect to each other

The study is the result of a competition by Renault and the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, a Design school in London. The design students should design the car of the future. This results in the Float of the 23-year-old student Yuchen Cai emerged as the winner. The vehicle is a ball that floats using magnetic levitation-technology-free – hence the Name Float. A direct contact with the road is unnecessary. A bullet has space for two occupants, but a magnetic Zone and allows several spheres to connect with each other.

Autonomous and communicative

An App for the Smartphone allows pedestrians, one of these self-driving vehicles recall. In and out via a sliding door. A simple control in each sphere allows the determination of the destination, and the communication with people in other spheres. Those who prefer to remain, you can make the normally, transparent ball surface is opaque. The Junior designer Yuchen Cai won with their award-winning work on a two-week stay in the Renault design Studio in Paris, where you will Refine your concept.

Flu: A wardrobe on wheels

Also up in the final round of the competition, the study Flu by Stephanie Chang Liu made it. Unlike the Float, this vehicle has a certain Resemblance to a car – a four-wheeled Van, you might say. Depending on the needs of the customer, the vehicle may be used for the Transport of people or Material. It is also suitable as a stand-alone, shared Taxi.


Also, the Vue of Tuna Yenici came in the elimination under the last three. Here is a ball resting on a Chassis. The Inspiration for the vehicle came from the relationship between people and dogs: The vehicle is sad, if it delivers to the owner at our company's gates and welcomed him with joy, if he wants to pick him up at the end of the working day.(sl)