Back to Basics: Dacia Logan MCV

A (large) compact station wagon for less than 20 mille? By the introduction of the WLTP standard seem to be the bygone eras for cars where space is at property number one. In Dacia, it is allowed to have, because for less than 15 thousand pegels is the Logan MCV for the money.

Dacia Logan MCV TCe 90 Ambiance € 14 On the basis of the Logan sedan launched Dacia, the MPV-like MCV. Seas to space for at the time was still £ 10.000. In 2008, the Sandero the baton in the Netherlands about the Logan sedan. The greater Logan MCV retained almost unchanged its spot in the showrooms until the second generation in 2013 appeared. The name remained remarkably preserved, because the station wagon was based on the Sandero hatchback. The third row of seats from the first MCV disappeared, because by the arrival of the Lodgy was that unnecessary.

Well, the Logan MCV based on the Sandero so. With new prices since last september will cost the model a minimum of € 14.680. The Dacia than in the Atmosphere-jacket raised. Under the hood is the TCe 90: in terms of power the only in our country that is available. The 90 hp block gives the wagon a top speed of 175 km/h. From standstill to a speed of 100 km/h takes 11,1 seconds. For daily living-work traffic should be sufficient. Switch comes with a vijfbak and when stopped takes the start-stop system the whole.

Than the appearance of the Logan MCV Ambiance. The buyer has a choice of two colors without even one euro in: white or blue. Both paint colors can be found in the photos and we would always go for the dark blue to choose from. It makes the whole thing a lot less cheap than the white coat colour. By the blue paint all black plastic parts much less. Mirror covers, door handles, roof rails, edges below the doors, above the rear lights, the edge above the license plate and on the place where foglights on the front bumper can sit: anywhere decorates black plastic. By the white coat colour insert that something extra. The Logan MCV is on 15-inch steel wheels with plastic covers, LED-lighting only finds its way to the daytime running lights on the front.

Inside the MCV, we can see a recognizable interior for a Dacia. Where manufacturers, such as parent company Renault, the radio sometimes has to scratch from the list of standard amenities, at the Logan. Passengers can use their mobile devices even connect via Bluetooth or by a cable into the USB port to plug in. The driver can control the system with a lever behind the steering wheel control. Doors are on remote central open or close, and the side windows to the front with a press button up and down. The mirrors are still operated by hand. Luxury as cruise control or air conditioning are only available as optional. Manual air conditioning costs € 495 extra, DAB+ radio has an additional cost of € 95 and fog lamps at the front have a price tag of € 195. The € 16.180 costing Logan MCV Lauréate these facilities are included. The Lauréate is also available with the TCe 90 Bi-Fuel LPG.