Autonomously-driving pizza delivery service

Ann Arbor/Michigan (USA), 30. August 2017

Among all the great achievements of mankind, two ground-breaking inventions stand out: self-driving cars ... and Pizza. And now the unthinkable happens: These two great things are actually connected to each other. That's one small step for Ford and the US pizza giant Domino's, a huge step for mankind.

Rather, evolutionary

But for now, let's be honest: Within the next few weeks randomly selected Domino's will get customers in the 115,000 residents of the city of Ann Arbor in Michigan actually have the option to let your occupied batter lobe of a self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle is delivered to you.

Higher shoulder, steeper windscreen

In the car, a Ford safety engineer, as well as several experts, then sit for the test evaluation. Remains only to hope that you will pounce on the Pizza. Customers can use the self-propelled delivery truck by the way also about the Domino's App to track. You will also receive Text messages with the real-time position data of the car, as well as a Code, with which the heated load space compartment for the removal of the Pizza open. The hot subject is the work of Roush Enterprises and has been specially developed for the Ford-Fusion-pizza van.

Interior well, with the greatest jump

Russell Weiner, President of Domino's USA, says: "The most our questions concern the route, the last 50 meters of the Delivery. So for example, how the customers react to it, if you are looking for your food should come out of the house. We need to make sure that the Delivery of the order is designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. Our Tests focus on the goal, at some point deliveries with self-propelled vehicles so customer-friendly as possible make". And Sherif Marakby, Ford's Vice President for Autonomous and electric vehicles, added: "Our understanding of self-propelled vehicles as a viable business model is growing, but there is, in particular, in questions of application, still much to do. Domino's shares our Vision of a future that will be characterised by intelligent vehicles in an intelligent environment, in order to make life of people easier and more comfortable". And where research would have invested the money better than in a self-driving Pizza? DenProduktionsstart of Autonomous vehicles Ford is planning for 2021.(sw)