Autonomous driving, Q7 cockpit and more

Las Vegas (USA ) / Ingolstadt, January 6, 2015

Next Chapter: This is the motto of the appearance of Audi at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) January 9, 2015 to the proceeds of 6 in Las Vegas over the stage. On the main electronics trade show in the world, the ring - brand presents their technologies of today and tomorrow.

A7 prologue piloted driving

Among the highlights on the Audi stand is one of the A7 prologue piloted driving. Those who think " I know him already ," has only half right: In October 2014, the RS 7 piloted driving concept was driving without a driver with up to 240 km / h around the Hockenheimring. The new show car is Audi's capabilities in terms of autonomous driving, the Ingolstadt " pilotiertes driving" means. The study is based on the A7. She drives driverless Stanford in Silicon Valley Bakersfield to the fair. The main systems is the central driver assistance controller ( ZFAS ). It processes the data from the sensors to a detailed image of the vehicle environment, giving them online on a computer in the cloud on. There they are processed and get back into the car. In this way, the car learns constantly while driving to to improve its performance. At the same time, other users of the technology can benefit from this information.

687 hp and huge touch display

In the light interior of the showcar the entire instrument panel is designed as a three-piece touch display. There is also a new, super thin and flexible OLED display of organic light emitting diodes. In the hybrid powertrain is a 4.0 TFSI and a powerful electric motor work together. With 687 hp or 505 kW system performance and torque of its two engines of 950 Newton meters of the car accelerates in 3.5 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The CO2 emissions are 185 grams per kilometer.

Q7 cockpit model

The interior of the new Q7 was already known in the image at CES, the cockpit can now be examined in the form of a model. The car itself is not seen in Las Vegas, it will be on show in Detroit ( 12 to 25 January 2015) have its world premiere in the summer of 2015 and then comes on the market. The Q7 offers some new assistance systems: the Predictive efficiency wizard, a trailer and a jam wizard wizard. The latest evolutionary stage of Audi connect is realized in the Q7. This term refers to the brand summarizes everything that connects a car with the driver, the Internet, infrastructure and other vehicles. The central component is the fast Internet transmission technology LTE. The passenger, you can use a Wi-Fi hotspot, also brings LTE to access the Napster music services and Aupeo! and enables a quick online update for the navigation maps. In the new Q7 come ?? as in the design study of VW in Las Vegas ?? Apple and Android Car Play Car added. The core of our offering is a huge selection of songs, in addition to providing both platforms navigation and messaging features and event reminders.

Inductive mobile phone charging in your car

The Audi Q7 the phone box is used for comfortable coupling of the smartphone. You can inductively invite suitable mobile phones after the Qi standard. Another new feature is the 3D sound. Premium sound systems from Bose and Bang & Olufsen have additional speakers that develop the spatial dimension of height. From conventional stereo or 5.1 recordings, the information for the third dimension are eliminated and prepared for the advanced speaker ensemble.

Matrix Laser lights and light construction

Also in the light Audi sets priority. The next step after the laser beam, which was recently introduced in LMX R8, the brand at CES presents the matrix laser technology. This laser light illuminates the road with high resolution and fine-tuned from ?? much more are the Audi to not yet known. Also new is the construction of light. It raises two emphasizes bright light strip of 15 meters in length on the road and thus visualize the width of the car. This should help the driver to see how much space it left and right are available.

The mobile phone as a key

Also Car-to-X technologies are important to Audi. Thus, for example, Audi models can network with traffic lights in town to get faster and more efficiently through the traffic. Another solution enables cashless payments in the park or on the roadside, a third detecting speed limits and danger points and the dissemination of information to other cars. Another new feature is the Audi mobile key, similar to the electronic vehicle key shown by VW in Las Vegas. Here, the smartphone or the SmartWatch opens the door via Near Field Communication ( NFC). Such as VW, Audi plans also a tablet, which will replace the Rear Seat Entertainment, Audi only want the customer apparently also sell the tablet. In Las Vegas, therefore, can be seen with 10.1-inch display, which is coupled via WLAN to the in-vehicle infotainment system "Audi tablet".

Audi also wants to build pure electric cars

On the topic of inductive charging Audi has a solution similar to VW to offer. The plug-in hybrid drive, which debuted in A3 Sportback e-tron will now quickly move into more models, first in the middle and upper classes. Each year, a new e-tron model comes on the market. At the same time, Audi is working on all-electric cars, but a finished equivalent of the VW Golf is not e - presented. The other cars at the show have limited novelty: it was to R8 LMX already in May 2014. Pictures for facelift of the RS 7 Sportback in June 2014 and the TT Roadster was already at the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2014th ( sl)