Audi TT Even more sports car

Even more sports car

The Audi TT is more sports car in the new generation. But also get classic design features that have made the first edition a style icon will remain. For this was radically rebuilt inside.

Classic, but new: Audi presents ( March 6 to 16 ) before the third generation of its compact sports car at the Geneva Salon. The new TT is seen at first glance as such. Formative elements of predecessors such as the sloping roof line or the optical remote fender remain. However, the new coupé enters a track on sports: The profile acts crouched, the wider front and the look of the headlights aggressive. Prices Audi calls yet, the 2 +2-seater is expected but move at the level of around 31,000 Euro expensive predecessor.

Streamlined and slim effect the new interior - mainly because it, unlike many other modern vehicles accommodates only a single display. A digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel integrate all the information together. At 12.3 inches, the driver can choose between the classic view with speedometer and tachometer and the infotainment mode. In the latter spreads, for example, the navigation map on the entire surface of the instruments will be only small to see. Be operated via the multifunction steering wheel features or rotary push-button control. A radical focus on the driver - possible in a sports car, for other models of the brand but not in the forecast.

© AudiPuristisch and slim effect the new interior - mainly because it, unlike many other modern vehicles accommodates only a single display   However, the effect of such a reduced visually elegant, slender instrument panel can be proud of. Automatic climate control, seat heating and temperature controllers are attached directly to the turbine type vents. Also new are the sports seats with strongly contoured her cheeks and integrated headrests. They are mounted lower than the previous model. The luggage compartment has 305 liters compared to the previous 13 liters more volume.

On the engine side, the Ingolstadt plant to compact a Proven: Also used in the performance model of the sporty Golf GTI derivative two-liter gasoline engine with 169 kW/230 hp scares the TT but with six seconds, half a second quicker to 100 km / h maximum 250 km / h in it. The offered two-liter diesel with 135 kW/184 hp and front-wheel drive also comes GTI diesel counterpart GTD used. It drives the TT in 7.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 235 km / h In the EU cycle, the unit is frugal 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers consume (110 g CO2/km).

The two-liter petrol engine in its higher stage carries the TTS under the hood. The 228 kW/310 bhp engine hooked the standard sprint from 4.7 seconds. Optionally provides the Launch Control for maximum acceleration from a standing Switchable flaps in the exhaust system modulate the sporty sound.

Its core competence could in turn prove the Quattro drive the engineers. Among other things, the software that determines the possible torque distribution between the front and rear axle was redesigned so that it supports driving dynamics interpretation of TT. The driver can adjust the wheel itself features also: In "auto" mode he gets the best possible traction, the "dynamic" mode directs the preferred power to the rear axle. In addition, the pilot can optionally also the damper in three modes (comfort, auto, dynamic ) to set. Standard drives up the TT with progressive steering, which adjusts its support to the speed.