Audi equips

Ingolstadt, 21. July 2017

Hardly a day goes by without new revelations and actions on the subject of Diesel Cars. Now Audi has launched a huge recall. Affected diesel vehicles with emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6 in Europe and other markets, but not in the United States and Canada. Already at the beginning of the week, Mercedes a Software announced Update for three million vehicles in Europe, which will cost the Daimler group of around 220 million euros.

Also, Porsche and VW models affected

A total of up to 850,000 cars, which are equipped with a Six - and eight-cylinder diesel engine (V6/V8 TDI, Euro 5/Euro 6), a new Software can get. According to Audi, thereby improving the emission behavior in real-world driving beyond the previous statutory requirements. The action will take place in Germany, in close coordination with the Federal motor transport authority (KBA). Affected almost all Audi models from the A4 up to the Q7. At the same time, the measure also applies to models of the brands Porsche and Volkswagen, which are equipped with identical engines, including the VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. The Software conversion is carried out for all customers free of charge.

Everything in the service of the customer?

What the group says even the semi-Diesel issue? Officially it means: "Since few months, Audi is investigated with high-pressure Diesel-concepts on any irregularities. Each note will be investigated and since 2016 will be systematically checked all engine and transmission variants. Should this result in further consequences, Audi will implement the necessary technical solutions as part of the retrofit programme, EU5/EU6 in the interest of the customers, of course, quickly." In clear text this means: four-cylinder Diesel is not a callback, sure, the pay could be due to the piece, similar to Daimler million car owners to meet. Exacerbated would add, that by the common development in the Volkswagen group, the range of such an Audi-recall, assumed enormous proportions. Seen in this way, could be the abundant number of 850,000 diesel engines is only the tip of the iceberg in order to avoid future bans. More you will be after the "Diesel summits" will know, the involvement of the German car manufacturer at the 2. August 2017 takes place in the Federal Ministry of transport.(rh)