Audi brings opponents for Tesla Model X

Ingolstadt, September 18, 2015

Audi is at the IAA ( September 17 to 27 2015) in Frankfurt an outlook on a purely electrically powered SUV in the luxury class, which is to come on the market in early 2018th Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler called the car as " the finest, most progressive and farthest-reaching electric car ". It bears the name of e-tron quattro concept and could bridge the gap between Q5 and Q7 fill.

Three electric motors with Boost function

The e-tron quattro concept is powered by three electric motors. One delivers its power to the front axle, the other two to the rear axle. Together creates a system output of 435 hp, which can be increased by boost function briefly even 503 hp and 800 Newton meters. The Audi accelerates in 4.6 seconds from zero to 100 and an electronically limited top speed reaches 210 km / h. Serve with Stadler's slogan: " Electric driving fun with no compromises ." An intelligent drive management with " Torque Control Manager " distributes the power of the two electric motors on the rear axle active between the rear wheels.

500 km range and solar power

The motors are powered by a lithium - ion battery in the floor of the vehicle. This positioning ensures a balanced axle load distribution and a low center of gravity. The battery capacity of 95 kWh is enough pure electric driving 500 kilometers. Within 50 minutes, the battery should be fully charged. In addition to the classical charging method at the outlet there will also be a "wireless charging" via induction. In good weather, a solar roof supplies the e-tron quattro concept with additional energy. With a swipe at Tesla Rupert Stadler said in Frankfurt: "You do not necessarily have to be the first, but still the best ".

Air suspension and active aerodynamics

An air suspension with controlled damping lowers the body at high speeds in order to reduce air resistance. The five-door body of the 4.88 meter-long Audi actively contributes to the reduction of air resistance. From 80 km / h on the front, on the rear and on the flanks of movable aero elements in order to improve the flow through and around the vehicle. The vertical separation edges on the outer skin and the fully enclosed underbody also help achieve the drag coefficient of 0.25. The dynamic all-wheel steering makes the car more stable and at the same time driving more maneuverable at low speeds.

Latest lighting technology

When light Audi relies on a combination of laser light and matrix OLED elements. So the matrix headlights are supported at the front of a signature lighting from five light-emitting elements. These consist of a LED lamp and super-thin OLED unit respectively. At the rear of the e-tron quattro concept twelve OLED lights are combined to form a taillight.

Virtual Cockpit with OLED

Inside the Audi, there are four individual seats and enough room for 615 liters of cargo luggage. Special importance of display technology has been meted out, here too, the OLED technology is used. The " Audi Virtual Cockpit curved OLED " is a further development of the virtual instrument cluster, which is installed for example in the Audi TT. Left and right below the large display are two smaller monitors mounted on which the driver can control the light, the systems for pilotiertes driving, the media issue and the navigation system. Also in the steering wheel touch surfaces are integrated. In the front area of the doors displays which, fed by cameras located outside the vehicle, act as mirrors. In the rear provide further OLED units, passengers with information. An LTE module connects the Audi to the Internet.

Systems for pilotiertes Driving

The technologies for pilotiertes driving that are used in e-tron quattro concept, are nearing the production stage. It is to radar sensors, video camera, ultrasonic sensors and a laser scanner. The data from these systems converge in a separate control unit and to a complete environmental model of the car in real time can be calculated. This is then made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to the assistance systems available . ( mf )