assistance systems What in the family car?

What in the family car?

More security, less stress: Electronic assistants may facilitate the trip with the family watching. We say what really belongs in the car.

Pure Stress: The rain is falling on the slippery cobblestone street, whining kids in the back seat and then also still ringing the phone. A brief moment of inattention - and the steering wheel is panned or forget the timely brakes. An expensive nightmare. And, unfortunately, all too often reality. The result is, at best, body damage, not infrequently injured.

Still, many motorists save when purchasing the optional assistance systems usually offered, which should be accurate to prevent such consequences of excessive demand or carelessness behind the wheel. Or the manufacturer couple helpers such as automatic distance control or an emergency braking system is equal to the most expensive equipment or large motors.

But there are also positive examples: the VW Golf, for example, can be had in conjunction with the smallest petrol engine with a whole arsenal of protective functions. But other manufacturers have at least some systems not linked to the most expensive equipment - such as the Nissan Note or the Fiat Panda. Families can thus quite share with their limited budget bhp more security and less stress.

How useful are the individual systems, especially for families, we have tested (approx. 23,000 euros ) in a 1.2-liter Golf with automatic:

Lane Keeping Assist

He does: Fast times on the highway a few seconds on the radio display or the children looked in the back seat - and there are more than a hundred yards behind a blind flight. Hopefully, without being imperceptibly come out of the track. A Lane Keeping Assist helps that this does not happen: He realizes at speeds from 60 km / h, road marking - and keeps the car on the track, at least if the driver does not flash or deliberately against deflected.

Recommendation: For the pure shopping cart in city traffic it takes the system does not necessarily. But who often travels long distances with the family, should invest the approximately 500 euros.

Parking Assist

He does it, how often we are already curved puzzling through the city center. Where is a parking space, my car fits in there and I get the dogfight without parking bumps? An automatic parking assistant takes care of this work. Once activated, it searches the roadside after a sufficient gap in passing off, takes over the steering wheel and parking a. Just slow down and watch the driver has to do yourself

Recommendation: Well. Only those who really has big problems when parking for the 755 euro investment are worth considering. The operation is not easy - and the system has also some parking spaces nor his difficulties in which many drivers still easy to park itself. You should try out the system in any case before buying. Often, parking sensors with beep rich on the bumpers.

Spacer cruise control

He does: Vacation is the best time of year - and the holiday trip often the hardest. For long rides with lots of Kriechverkehr nerves on crowded highways. Especially if every thirty seconds, the question from the back seat is: " Are we daaaaaa? " This brings the spacer cruise control security and serenity. The system maintains the selected speed, measures the distance to the vehicle ahead, accelerating and braking - even at our golf to a standstill. Other mass producers are there not ready yet.

Recommendation: The " automatic distance control " as it is called in VW, is a must for all families who drive a lot longer and on country roads or motorways. For 560 euros (including emergency brake assist ) the super - cruise control provides a real safety plus.

environment observation

He does: Just to narrow supermarket parking lots, the crowd in front of the school gate or pool pass through the small, expensive bump. Often because the mother or father are distracted at the wheel by the children - their own and around the vehicle. An environment observation is here, for example, the rear view camera insights into corners, which shows no rear view mirror. On most screens, this camera even shows guidelines for parking and a virtual look around the vehicle.

Recommendation: Sure thing - buy.

City Emergency Brake Assist

He does: In the inner cities, most rear-end collisions happen. The reason is that we just leave us short distances as the way to school like distracted. In addition, the very slow stop-and-go traffic in the city is underestimated. This is where the Emergency Brake Assist, at speeds up to 30 km / h, the car is automatically an emergency braking if the driver does not already own.

Recommendation: Buy. Not even 300 euros will cost function in the Gulf - costs that can be in there very quickly. The system is the way to have even for many small cars.