Artist Cat in the Corsa

Rüsselsheim / Berlin, March 4, 2015

" Supermodels on cars are boring," said Opel's chief marketing officer Tina Müller in 2014 and found in Karl Lagerfeld someone who shares this opinion. Since Lagerfeld is not only a fashion illustrator and designer, but on top of that has mastered the art of photography, he made ​​himself to work to create the planned Opel Corsa 2015 wall calendar. And yet again put a supermodel in the scene, though not a biped: As charming photo subject is his Birman cat Choupette. On the calendar sheets is the ( very patient !) Celebrity Kitty now with velvet paws on the heated steering wheel to see the jump from the hood or in the rest in a child seat.

Opening with celebrities and Transport Minister

Until February 22, 2015, each view the calendar motifs, private Polaroids of Choupette and pictures of the emergence of the monthly pages in the exhibition " Corsa Karl and Choupette ". It is in the Palazzo Italia in Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden 10, is shown. Admission is free. Exposure on 3 February was opened with a rushing Opening: personally invited Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann and Tina Müller had the artist. Next to him were not only celebrities such as Iris Berben, Bettina Zimmermann, Ken Duken, Christoph Metzelder and Jasmin Great, but also Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt.

Karl Lagerfeld has appointed a Corsa

Lagerfeld himself not only have the photo shoot was fun with his Choupette, he also likes Corsa ?? especially in red and because of its good seats. He had said the artist, also equal to appoint a " Just in the city is such a perfect car ". And we thought Lagerfeld can go and favors large cars such as the BMW 7 Series or lobster ...

Models and cats in the Corsa Advertising

The Opel Corsa, which was released in late 2014 in the fifth generation, has been applied in the course of his life by some colorful characters, including. Of the models Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patiz, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell They entered the late 1990s together in a small Opel commercial. And even a cat there ever been an early Corsa Advertising: Cartoon cat Tom chasing Jerry the mouse by a commercial. (HD)