Apparently you can vote on where Tesla's next charging station should be located

Where can they use a Supercharger?

Before you buy an electric car, we advise you to first check where the nearest charging location is. Of course, you can have a wallbox installed at your home, but having a fast charger around the corner is still nice. You can also contact the municipality, but don't expect a 300-kW charger. What you can do better is vote for your city or town for a Tesla charging station.

Every quarter you can cast your vote for a location in Europe where the next Tesla Superchargers should be located. The place with the most votes will then receive a fast-charging station. To participate in the current vote, you must cast your vote before October 31. You can choose five locations per quarter. You must first log in or create an account with Tesla.

How many votes do you need for a Tesla charging station?

When we type this, Romanian Brașov is at the top with more than 16,000 votes. So on average, this city votes approximately 5,300 times per month. If this trend continues, more than 21,000 votes will be needed to win. If all residents of the municipality of Bladel were to vote, that should be sufficient for a charging station in the Brabant village.

There are also Dutch places in the race for a new Tesla charging station this quarter. For the time being, most votes go to Nijmegen. The Gelderland city is now in 78th place with more than 1,500 votes. The Frisian Zurich follows as the second Dutch city, not to be confused with the city in Switzerland (or did that actually happen here?).

Zurich is now in 130th place with almost 1,000 votes. Still impressive for a village with less than two hundred inhabitants. We would therefore like to call on you to give the Frisians a helping hand. Click on the link above and get a Tesla Supercharger in Zurich. The Belgian Bastogne is also doing well: they are currently 63rd with more than 1,700 votes.